Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sock Pattern Source

I know many of us are always on the prowl to discover new sources for sock patterns and I've got a great one to share with you today!

The sock pictured above is Rapunzel's Braid by Ruth Greenwald. Beautiful, isn't it? You can find a really great selection of Ruth's patterns available in her shop page on Ravelry.

And I mean it when I say there's a great selection! This one is called Over the River Socks and it's another beauty:

I will give you the disclaimer that I haven't yet knit any of Ruth's socks, but I can say with the certainty that the designs are just lovely and Ruth also has a few free patterns peppered in her Ravelry shop, so you can get a good idea of whether her particular style of pattern writing fits your preferences.

And on a side note ... Ruth is a friend, a delightful gal and all 'round good egg! Have fun browsing!

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