Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Quickie

As soon as I saw Anne Hanson's finished Ivy Vines Neckwarmer, I knew I had to knit one. And knit one I did . . .

This was just what the knitting doctor ordered. A quick, but satisfying knit. It only took perhaps three hours of knitting or somewhere thereabouts (that excludes the hour of rummaging around my house in search of needles that I know I have in duplicate or perhaps triplicate, muttering under my breath about how on earth the exact needles I need always manage to hatch a plan and execute a great escape right when I need them, and finally finding the needles hiding in plain sight).
I haven't blocked it yet, but I still think it's oh so pretty just as it is.

This was such an enjoyable knit that I might just have to make another or two!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Read Any Good Books Lately?

I haven't purchased any new knitting books in a while and I'm starting to get the itch! One that I know I'll want to buy is the soon-to-be-released Sock Club: Join the Knitting Adventure by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott.

The topic in general, of course, interests me but regardless of that fact I simply have to own a copy just the for the fun of seeing my yarn in print :)

Remember the Acorn Sock from my first sock club, The Seven Deadly Sins?

This sock pattern, knit in the colorway called "Greed" and designed by Anne Hanson, is one of those included in the book!

Very exciting to see my humble little yarn in print (and in a book by such luminaries of our industry!). I brought the Greed colorway back into the lineup in honor of the upcoming book.

As always, I HUGE thank you to Anne for gracing my yarn with her immense talent!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sometimes You've Just Got to Laugh

Before I dive into today's post, a huge Thank You to all of the kind folks who welcomed me back from my blogging hiatus! You truly have no idea how good it made me feel. After suffering such pangs of guilt for my long silence, I feared I would be met with stony silence upon my return. You are all too kind to forgive me :)

Now on to my laugh of the day. Have a look at this.

Now, don't think me cruel. I'm truly not poking fun at anyone's choice of what they knit (or in this case crochet). Nor am I poking fun at the designer. I just have a thing about these snuggies. If ever I'm feeling blue, all I need to do is picture a snuggie and I'm all smiles again.

In reality, a snuggie is quite practical. I'm always chilly and am often wrapped in a blanket curled up in my favorite chair. Getting up for a trip to the kitchen involves a whole production of flipping and flinging the blanket around, walking with it flung around me cape-style, often tripping on edges along the way. Knitting while wrapped in a blanket is another challenge and certainly not ideal. And so I truly don't mean to diss the snuggie.

But it's funny. It just is.

Have you seen the commercials that introduce the fashionable snuggies in animal prints and such? They kill me. The best commercial, however, I've only caught once. If you've not seen it, you simply must stay glued to your television until you do. It includes video snippets of people enjoying their snuggies in public places. There's one shot of a group of people all wrapped in snuggies at the bleachers of a ballgame. Again, I entirely understand the practicality of this. Being a frequent attendee at my husband's softball games, I can vouch for the fact that half the people there are wrapped in blankets. The vision of a group of people all wrapped in snuggies though just tickles me to death. I think I've embellished this memorable commercial in my mind a bit. I see them not only in the bleachers, but also doing the wave, rising from their seats in a row, snuggie-covered arms rising to the heavens. Oh my.

And then there's the absolute best part of the commercial. An older couple sits all snuggled up in their snuggies in the midst of a crowded movie theater. Again, my mind may be embellishing here, but I believe they are snacking on a bucket of popcorn. Oh my. Just thinking of that picture of them sitting in the movie theater crowd all wrapped up in their snuggies just kills me. I get tears in my eyes just thinking of it. Do they go to the snack bar or restroom in their snuggies?

Again, I shouldn't laugh. It's really not funny at all. Many of us knit or crochet blankets (myself included), so why not a more practical snuggie? I suppose as a yarnie I should hope that the knitting world collectively decides that nothing would be better than a snuggie made of luxurious hand dyed yarn. Forget the Red Heart! A hand dyed snuggie craze could lift our little industry out of the dumps.

Who needs another poncho craze to ignite a knitting frenzy when there's the snuggie?

Great day to all!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Going Dark

If anyone is still around, lurking in this corner of the cyber world to read this, my apologies for going dark for such a long time! It started innocently enough with a Monday that slipped away from me. Although I had no regular schedule for blog posting, Monday was the one day that I tried never to miss, but one Monday slipped past me and it was several days before I realized it!

I had every intention of returning to blogging soon thereafter, but time slipped away from me, the sunny days of summer called out to me, and personal affairs drew me away. Before I knew it, I had officially gone dark (you know, like a spy who is suddenly incommunicado).

I'm back now and trying to get myself geared up for regular posting again. I must say, it isn't easy though. I've had little time for knitting lately and my personal life is far from the stuff of fascinating reading. With so much time since I last posted though, I do have a bit of knitting to share and will do that in the coming days and weeks.

Anyone else a Seinfeld fan? Remember the episode in which George pretends to be a tourist in NY while dating a gal who works for a visitors' association of some kind? He eventually pretends he's moving to NY and tells the gal that he got an apartment and a job in a day or two. In telling Jerry about it, he says something about how if you take all of his accomplishments in his life and boil them down to one day, "it looks decent." That's how I feel about my summer knitting. Along the way through the course of the summer it was far from an impressive amount of knitting, but looking at it now all at once, it looks a bit better.

Again, my apologies for my silence. I've had bouts of guilt about it on and off all summer. It's given me that squishy feeling I get when I haven't written to my mother recently.

After a summer of crazy work on my never-ending project house, along with minor but quite annoying illnesses and injuries, I am at last back now and will do my best to get back on track with my sadly neglected blog.

I hope everyone has had a glorious and happy summer (or winter, as the case may be in your locale)!