Monday, June 29, 2009

One of My Own

Remember the Woodsmoke Socks I had in progress some time back? You know the ones - in the color I not-so-fondly called "Sewer Sludge." The socks are at long last done!

The yarn is FF Tight Twist Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn and the pattern is Woodsmoke by Anne Hanson. Only such a lovely pattern could save this ugly color from the fate of languishing its life away in my stash, never to be touched or knit.

In the end, the pattern did the trick and turned this ugly duckling into something at least passably attractive. Leave it to Anne to design a pattern good enough to save the life of a poor, sad little skein! (In case you're wondering how on earth this awful skein came into existence, it was part of an army-related project I did as a favor to a friend. This particular skein was so putrid that I couldn't even bring myself to force a soldier to wear it and so I hid it away in my own stash where it endured months of teasing and cruelty from the other skeins.)

Great day to all!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tudor Grace

This beauty was knit by Kyrie with FF Laceweight Merino Wool Yarn in the Rubicund colorway. The pattern is Tudor Grace by Anne Hanson of KnitSpot.

How lovely is that?! Not only is it beautiful, but it's going to a very worthy cause as well. Kyrie knit this to donate to her riding club's raffle for breast cancer research.

You can see lots more of Kyrie's beautiful work on her blog. A big Thank You to Kyrie for sharing her work!

On a side note, I know I've been an absolutely terrible blogger for some weeks now. All you've heard from me are these Monday posts. Perhaps I overdosed on blogging in the Spring when I was updating almost everyday for a while there. Or perhaps it's the chaotic state of things around here right now, as we work to put in a new HVAC system to replace the funky old baseboard heat that was all this house had when we bought it. Regardless of what excuse I find, my apologies! I'll try to rectify that later this week with a long over-due post.

Great day to all!

Monday, June 15, 2009


From time to time someone will ask why on earth I named one of the colors in my line "Sloth." Such an unattractive name for such a pretty color! Those of you who have been around a while know that the color was part of the FF Seven Deadly Sins Sock Club all the way back in 2007. Light blue is the symbolic color for laziness.

These socks were knit by Vickie in FF Lightweight Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in Sloth. I love the way the photo shows the socks enjoying a moment of quiet lounging and reflection. Perhaps not sloth or laziness, but certainly they are enjoying a bit of relaxation and the pure joy of doing nothing but enjoying a beautiful day.

The pattern Vickie used for these beauties is Stansfield 196 by Charlene Schurch. You can see more of Vickie's lovely work on Ravelry where she is VickieK.

Great Monday to all!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Worth the Wait

Here it is Monday evening and I only just realized that it is in fact Monday (Monday, of course, being the day for posting customer projects here)! My apologies for my tardiness, but isn't this worth the wait?

This beautiful piece is Opal's version of the Shetland Triangle by Eveyln Clark (published in the book Wrap Style). Opal used FF Lightweight Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in the Lust colorway.

Check out the gorgeous details and perfect stitchwork:

You can see more of Opal's lovely work on her blog. A big Thank You to Opal for sharing her work!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Rite of Spring

The lovely sock above is the Rite of Spring Sock by Tess Mattos of Polar Bear Patterns. It was one of the patterns from my recently concluded lace club. (The pattern is now available for general purchase both in the FF shop and from Tess on Ravelry.)

Not only is this a beautiful sock pattern, but it has a fun twist: it's written to be customized with ease. You can knit the pattern just as written or you can mix and match the stitch motifs to create your own version.

This is Angela's version of the Rite of Spring Socks. She used FF Tight Twist Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in the Spellbound colorway.

In Angela's version, she added her own touch with an extra repeat of the beading after the cloverleaf eyelet panel and extra repeats of the little leaf stripe at the end. She also ended the foot with transition rounds and beading.

Lovely work! You can see more of Angela's work on her Ravelry project pages.

Great day to all!