Wednesday, March 04, 2009

See Deb Knit Pyarn

I have no new sale items to highlight today, but I do have a bit of knitting progress to share. Before I dive into that, just a quick note: I still have two deeply discounted skeins of FF Classic Merino Wool Sock Weight Yarn left from yesterday. A fabulous shoulder wrap for someone, perhaps?

There will be more sale items coming soon, so stay tuned. Now on to the knitting fun ...

Remember this?

It's my latest spindling attempt and probably the best one so far. I didn't ply this one, as I thought I'd like the shifting colors more if left as singles. I chose a basic Feather & Fan pattern and have gotten about halfway through the scarf now.

Not half bad for pyarn. I still have a long way to go with my sad spindling skills, but in this spindling attempt I think perhaps the p in pyarn has gone silent.

I very much like the way it's knitting up (gotta love Feather & Fan for making almost any yarn shine!). It will likely improve in appearance a bit as well once blocked.

The Feather and Fan scarf is a bit dull knitting though, so I think I'll pop a hat on the sticks soon to give me a bit of relief and variety. It's a bit late in the season for hat-knitting, but it can happily sleep on a shelf until next winter when my husband will surely need it. The hat I made him that he wears most frequently it starting to look rather shabby.

That's all the knitting goodness for today. Check back again soon for more sale items, new items coming soon, perhaps a contest (sound good?), and other fun things coming throughout March!

Great day to all!


Deb Marr said...

Your yarn is gorgeous and it's turning into a very pretty scarf! You should be very proud of those spindle spun singles. :)

Lynn McManus said...

Your pyarn - oops - yarn is lovely.  I'd be quite happy to have some of that.

DragonsChest said...

That's some lovely yarn, Deb!

knitspot anne said...

deb, that yarn looks awesome! congratulations, your spinning is really looking great!