Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yarn Photos + Nonsense

It’s been a while since I’ve posted pictures of new colorways for you, so I thought I’d do a bit of that today. I also have a bit of nonsense to share with you that might give you a giggle. First the yarn …

You may recall that I recently added a Worsted Weight Classic Merino Wool Yarn to my FF line. I began with three colorways but have since added a couple of new ones. Here’s one that I particularly like, called Clear Sailing. The first batch was snapped up right away, but there’s more listed in my Etsy shop now.

I’ve also recently added more Sportweight Cashmere to the shop. For a while, I was dyeing the sportweight cashmere mostly by special request, but I managed to find some time to build a bit of stock and so there are now a number of colorways in stock. Most of them are the same colorways you’ll find on my Laceweight Cashmere. Here’s Exotic Wood in the Sportweight:

One more yarn photo for you: Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in Kildare. This is one of my earliest colorways on Superwash Sock Yarn that I put on the backburner for a while since I sold so much of it that I thought everyone had probably had enough of it already. I whipped up a small batch of it recently, thinking that it might be fun for St. Patrick’s Day socks and it’s been snapped up pretty quickly, but I still have a skein or two available at the time of this posting.

Alright. Enough yarn for today. Now on to the nonsense! This has absolutely nothing to do with yarn or knitting, but since I think of all of you as my own little knit club, I’ll just chit chat for a moment. During my visit with my family last week, my mother told a story that made me giggle so I thought I’d share it with you to give you a smile on this Saturday evening.

The story my mother told was from when she was around six years old. In Sunday school, they were learning about sins and reviewing what they were. When they got to adultery, the Sunday school teacher looked uncomfortable and said something about how that was very bad and we don't talk about it in public. My mother thought about it and decided that it must mean farting in public (pardon my blunt language, but that’s the word my usually rather genteel 84-year-old mother used). Needless to say, her priest must have been very surprised indeed when little six-year-old Ruthie confessed the next week to committing adultery. I know that what one confesses to her priest should not be shared, but I would venture a guess that the priest had a good laugh with his fellow members of the cloth about that one!

Have a great weekend!


anne said...

HAHAHAHA!! oh that poor priest!
oh my; this was a wonderful story to read now at the end of my very long work day.

Erica said...

Thanks for that laugh! I will have to pass that one on to my parents (who are at mass now actually). Beautiful coloways by the way! You do have a gift :) And thank you for that kind comment that you left me -- it made me smile :)

~Tonia~ said...

Beautiful colorways!!

The story is too cute and funny. I am sure that the priest was fairly amused after the inital shock. LOL