Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Customer Projects

For today's customer project feature I have two fantastic new machine-knit scarves by the prolific Sandy.

Here is Sandy's "Elephant Sampler Scarf" knit primarily with Fearless Fibers Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in a wide variety of colorways, along with a bit of other yarns from other sellers. How's this for over-the-top fabulous?!

And here are a couple of closeups showing some of the pattern details. WOW!

Next is another Fair Isle patterned scarf by Sandy in FF Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in Nearly Black, Stormy Gray, Vapor, Golden Mustard and Brick House.

And a closeup of the gorgeous detail:

I am just amazed at how beautiful these scarves are. They just get better and better!

Keep the photos coming everyone. And don't forget the Orphan Skein Sale in
my shop today. Many of the orphans have already found good homes this morning but there are still quite a few available.

Great day to all!


Bad Amy said...


Lynne E. said...

Sandy's design and color sense is amazing! As a rule, I don't care for sampler knit/crochet, and I don't wear scarves, but I'd love to give Sandy's "Elephant Sampler Scarf" a home. The floral Fair Isle scarf would be welcome, too, if it wanted to tag along. :-)

Patricia said...

Hi Deb,
Happy New Year! I am awestuck by the machine knitted items Sandy has done. What kind of knitting machine can do this stuff? Could you have her contact me?
We'd love to see you on a Friday! I won't be there this week as some of us are going to the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in Tacoma. Maybe a week from Friday? Give Sandy my e-mail address, OK?

MonicaPDX said...

Egads, those are fantastic scarves!! Made me go totally wopjaw.