Thursday, February 28, 2008

Digging Deep

Since my knitting time has been very limited these days, I decided to dig deep into the recesses of my closet to find an old project to share with you. Since I've been talking about adding a merino and tencel blend to my line, I decided to pull out a project made with just such a blend (although a sportweight rather than sock weight yarn).

This is a sweater that I knit several years ago, based on a pattern that I can't put my hands on right now, but that I think was from Gedifra.

The sweater in the pattern as written was much looser fitting and larger. It also had a boatneck of some sort if I recall correctly and there was no detail at the hem or neckline. I very much liked the basic stockinet body combined with the slightly bell-shaped openwork sleeves, but I tightened up the fit, switched the neckline and added the details to the neck and bottom.

It's one of my all-time favorite sweaters. It fits really well and is very comfortable and quite pretty. I wish my husband could have gotten a better photo, but we just couldn't seem to get the lighting to cooperate. We ended up getting the best shots in the dim lighting in his workshop (thus the lovely background of wood and a hose in the photo above).
With the bright, natural light today (yes, that's right . . . it's sunny today here in Oregon!), most of the photos came out with a bizaare swirling effect that looks a bit like a giant thumbprint across the sweater. Isn't it odd?

(And yes, that's me in the photo above, looking even more ghostly white than usual with the bright sun and strange camera behavior.)

Despite the bad photos, I think you can at least in the first two photos see a bit of how the yarn drapes nicely and has a very subtle bit of sheen to it.

Perhaps next time I'll have something current to share with you, but for today we'll have to live with these "past moments."


Anonymous said...

That sweater is lovely!! The fit is perfect and the way you modified the pattern, it is timeless!! I wish there were a pattern for it just the way you did it -- gorgeous!! :-)
Katey (

DragonsChest said...

It's beautiful! I love the blues. ~Suzy