Thursday, February 07, 2008


I'm feeling a bit frustrated right now. I just wrote a nice long post and then Blogger ate it. It's gone forever and I simply don't have time to recreate it in its entirety. A condensed, quicky version will have to do!

First up, I wanted to share with you something totally unrelated to knitting, but too cute to keep to myself. This is my latest acquisition from an Etsy shop called Teresa's Ceramics:

Teresa pours and fires her ceramics from her garage studio and then handpaints them. Isn't this little leaf about the cutest thing you've ever seen? Well, perhaps not the cutest, because if you go to her shop you'll also find leaves with little faces painted in them, as well as various other creatures.

When we eventually have our house in order here (remodel and all that), I'll definitely head back to Teresa's shop to pick up a few more of these. They have little wire legs on the back, so they can sit happily on display on a mantle, end table or any other surface that cries out for a bit of something. I'm not usually much for doo-dads, but I really adore these little leaves. They fit in perfectly with the warm, autumn-leaf colors of my living room. Love it!

On the knitting front, I've been plugging away slowly at the red cashmere sweater and now have the back completed and the front almost done:

Terrible photo, I know. If you want to get a slightly better look at the stitch pattern, see my previous post about this project.

I'm enjoying this project, although I am still uncomfortable about the sizing. It looks so incredibly tiny! I keep stopping and measuring it and measuring myself, holding the pieces up to my body, and then starting the whole measuring ritual over again. Despite the fact that it looks so very small, I think it's going to work out. The edges are quite curled, making it look smaller than it is. The cable and ribbed portion has a huge amount of stretch to it. It's a fitted sweater, so should be small. The measurements really do seem right. But it looks SO SMALL. (Here's where I start my measuring ritual again.)

Only time will definitively tell how this one works out!

Alrighty. Enough chit chat. Time for me to get back to work. Great day to all!


Laura said...

I *hate* it when my blog posts get eaten. So frustrating. The little leaves are adorable. The red sweater looks marvelous. You should really share it on the Red Sweater KAL that Knitspot-Anne and I started last year. Hint, hint.

EGunn said...

I love the leaves! I don't know why I'm such a sucker for leafy things; maybe it's because they're one kind of do-dad that's supposed to come in drifts?

I hate the "will it fit?" stage...I never can trust the measuring tape. If it's supposed to be fitted, though, it should look too small, even when it's seamed up. It's amazing how tiny my fitted sweaters look next to the big, baggy ones!

Amanda said...

The leaf is absolutely beautiful but is it just like a decoration piece for a shelf?