Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Small and One Large

There are two new projects going on here right now - one small and one large. The small project is a new pair of socks that I just started using my Merino/Tencel Sock Yarn in a color I dyed for myself for the project.

I know the pattern doesn't look like much yet, but have faith! I swatched quite a bit in search of a stitch pattern that would create the effect I had in mind and I'm confident that this will work. It just doesn't "pop" quite yet, since the sock is still just a little stub and there's not enough knitting real estate there for the strong vertical lines to emerge. Soon!

The other project is a large one, but my husband is the one doing all of the work. Just look at that sawdust fly!

He's building an expansion onto the garden shed that already existed when we bought this property last year. You can see the old garden shed on the left, with Bruce's new addition-in-progress to the right:

He's tripling the size of the shed, so it's quite an undertaking particularly for a one-man job. (I don't think my assistance in shoveling dirt and occasionally using my meager drill skills qualify as an extra set of hands.) So far, he's tilled and leveled the ground, dug the footings, put in the foundation, framed the building, and put up the sides (the sides are finished since the time I took the in-progress photo above). He's also right this moment working on putting in the trusses for the roof.

I guess my little stub of a sock pales in comparison to Bruce's project, but we're both doing what we love and that's what counts. The weather is glorious. The garden is growing by leaps and bounds. Bruce is happily building. I am happily dyeing and knitting.

All is right with the world here in my little corner of Oregon.


anne said...

oooh, now that's something i bet david wishes he was doing . . . we desperately need more space for outdoor equipment and "dirty" workspace with better access.

Lynne E. said...

Talk about getting back on the horse after falling off--Bruce's project looks fabulous! Your little sock stub is going to grow into a beauty, too.