Saturday, March 29, 2008

How's a Girl Supposed to Get Any Work Done?

How on earth am I supposed to get any work done when I can't tear myself away from this incredible cuteness?

Yep. Baby bunnies!

It wasn't long after we moved into this house a few months back that we came home one evening to find a rabbit sitting in our front yard. There seem to be two or three around the neighborhood, which seemed odd at first since we live in the knot of suburbia. Then a neighbor told us that someone moved out of their home a few months ago and apparently released their pet rabbits. Aside from the fact that releasing your pets into a suburban neighborhood is just plain lousy, the rabbits are very cool to have around. Of course, some of the neighbors who have gardens are not so thrilled, but for me and my husband it's always a kick to see the rabbits hanging around in our yard from time to time.

A few days ago, I went out in the backyard and found the happy surprise of baby bunnies! One of the neighborhood rabbits chose the covered area for wood storage in our backyard to have her wee ones. There are a total of five of them and the appear to be a few weeks old. They're just big enough now to poke out from their hidden little home and venture to the front of the wood shed thingamajig. They don't venture more than a few inches on to the grass, but they're getting bolder each day.

My husband and I know nothing about rabbits, but they appear to be healthy and, of course, they are so amazingly cute that I can hardly stay out of the backyard for more than an hour at a stretch! It does seem that their mother has left them on their own though. We've seen her around a bit in the yard over the past few days, but nowhere near where the babies are. We're making sure they have food and water nearby and having great fun trying to get them used to us. We've even managed to get close enough to feed them an occasional long stalk of grass by hand, although even the slightest sudden movement sends them scurrying back inside.

Too cute!


twellve said...

omg, they are SO adorable!!!
i want one to snuggle.

baby face said...

The baby rabbits are adorable.
However, be prepared because they
will mutilply very rapidly. Can
you building something or some
kind of shelter so that they can
be contained and not proliferate so
rapidly. A hundred years ago when
I was married and in our house, we
found a baby rabbit and our dog
had got a hold of it. We tried to
get it to the vet because it wasn't
really hurt, but it died of fright.
They are very delicate. Good luck.

anne said...

awww! the easter bunny really showed up in persona t your house! too cute is right!

Laura said...

Bunnies are wonderful, aren't they? And baby bunnies--oh, so cute! Take care though. They do breed like, well, like rabbits. We have wild ones living in a couple warrens at the bottom of our property. I love it in late spring when the teenagers come out and chase each other around the combined yards down there. It's amazing how fast they are.

Anonymous said...

Oh...tooo cute!
I wouldn't be getting any work done either :-p