Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tick Tock Block Block

The clock is ticking on the date for my niece's high school prom in mid-May and I'm happy to report that the shawl I've been knitting for her is just about ready to go. I got it blocking yesterday and it should be ready very soon. Yippee!

This is Eunny Jang's Print O' The Waves Shawl in my FF Laceweight Merino in the "Hush" colorway. The blocking photos aren't very good, but I'll try to get some decent shots when it's done.

Here's a closeup with the pattern detail:

Now that I've got this project done, I can start to think about what's next. I'm continuing to make slow progress on the ripple afghan/throw and will keep plugging away at that here and there for months I'm sure. The itch to get a pair of socks on the sticks is upon me, so I'll get started on those soon, but I still need to decide on what my next larger project will be. Hmmmm .... I love the planning stage, when everything is open to possibility!

That's all for today. Tune in again for news coming in a few days on an upcoming sale I'm planning. As many of you know, I only have a sale about once every three months so keep your eyes open for the upcoming post!


twellve said...

the shawl turned out gorgeous. very impressive.

anne said...

oh man, that is SO beautiful. and you did it SO fast—wow!
she is going to be the envy of all her friends!

Lynne E. said...

Deb, you really can knit! (I zoomed the photo, which displays your perfect stitches.) The shawl is absolutely beautiful. I'm astonished that you could finish such a large, elaborate shawl in so short a time. How did you find time to run your business? :-)

~Tonia~ said...

The shawl is beautiful!!! I am sure that she is going to love it.

Cheryl said...

It's beautiful! It will be so lovely and airy when it's unpinned!