Monday, April 09, 2007

Every Toe Has a Home

For today's Monday customer project, I have a pair of toe socks made by Kristen to show you. These are made with FF Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in the Kildare colorway.

Kristen designed the pattern for these socks herself, knitting them toe up with a provisional cast-on, with the toes knit the way fingers for a glove would be. She began the toes on different rows to get the right shaping for a better fit. When the toes were done, she picked up the cast on stitches and finished up the socks using the Magic Loop method. Clever girl! Aren't they a hoot?!

Kristen also has her own Etsy shop where she sells the stitch markers she makes. Her shop focuses on small and lightweight markers that can be used for sock knitting and other small-needle projects. They also come in sets of eight markers, which is quite a generous supply at a great price. Check it out!

That's all for today. Another week begins. Everyone enjoy!


Lynne E. said...

Those are marvelous socks! They must feel quite snuggly when worn. The knitting technique is intriguing--I'd never have attempted a toe-up version of separated-toe socks.

Margreet said...

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I chose your blog, because I love the way you write about your favourite craft, knitting, and because you inspire me to keep on going.

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Whether you accept my nomination or not...I will keep on reading your blog, because it gives me joy, and we can’t have enough of that!!

~Tonia~ said...

Very cute toe socks. The color is great.