Monday, April 30, 2007

It's That Time Again

I can't believe it's Monday again already. Time certainly has been flying these days. The good news is that Monday means it's time for more customer project photos!

First, I have this lovely shawl by Fatimah in FF Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in Midnight Passion. This is the Seraphim shawl pattern by MimKnits.

Here's a closeup for that must-see detail:

Lovely job, Fatimah! Thank you so much sharing your work! To learn more about Fatimah's knitting and other adventures, visit her blog.

Next up is a pair of socks by Karin knit with FF Classic Merino Wool Sock Yarn in Hush. Karin knit these socks for the Nancy Bush Vintage Sock KAL. They are the "Little Child's Sock" and they are absolutely wonderful! To learn more about Karin and her projects, pop on over to her blog.

And so another week begins. Everyone have a great one!


Lynne E. said...

Fatimah's shawl and Karin's socks are so beautiful! I really enjoy seeing the finished objects made from Fearless Fibers yarns, and look forward to the Monday FF blog.

~Tonia~ said...

They are both so pretty! Your yarn really shines in any project.

Katinka said...

Pretty, pretty stuff! :) I love the look that the subtle variance in tones creates. It's more visually interesting than a solid color, but not so "out there" that the pattern is lost, you know?

anne said...

that shawl is gorgeous! i ahve some of that colorway in my stash . . . must knit more!