Monday, April 23, 2007

Fab Photos to Start the Week!

I'm starting this week on a fabulous note with two wonderful customer projects to share. First, we have this lovely scarf by Bianca. It's the "Branching Out" pattern from Knitty.

Bianca used FF Mohair/Wool DK Yarn in the In The Pink colorway. The photo above shows off the scarf wonderfully, but the colors look a little off on my monitor. You can see the true colors along with the wonderful stitch detail better in this closeup.

To learn more about Bianca and her knitting endeavors, visit her blog.

Next up, we have this amazing crocheted shawl by Elisa.

Elisa used FF Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in the Venerable colorway. Check out this closeup to really see Elisa's lovely handiwork.

And how about this dramatic angle shot? Apparently, Elisa's artistic skills extend beyond just crochet and into the realm of photography.

Learn more about Elisa and her crochet adventures in her blog.

So how are those for a couple of fabulous projects and great photos to get your week started?

Before I sign off for today, a quick note for those of you who have tried to reach my Etsy shop yesterday. My apologies! Etsy has been down for a major overhaul of their system. The site is back up this morning, but it's moving slowly at the moment. I'm sure they will have it in good working order very soon, but please accept my apologies and be patient in the meantime. I'm still planning my sale for Wednesday and Thursday this week (see post below), but if the site is not up to the task, I will delay it a bit. I don't want all you good folks frustrated while trying to snap up a bargain. Any changes to the sale plans will be posted here.

Thanks again and have a great day!


Lynne E. said...

Both projects are gorgeous! What a fine pattern choice for a crocheted shawl. On my monitor, the pretty little "In the Pink" scarf has too much purple, but the second photo is close to the true colors--hot pink and sage green. Beautiful work.

ambermoggie said...

nished my scarf using the raspberry yarn mixed with fyberspates. pics on my blog if you want to use?

karen said...

Dear Deb - I got the yarn I ordered from you today!! It's soo wonderfully soft and the colors are even greater IRL! Fabulous!Thanks for excellent service! Now I only have to pet it for a while before finally deciding what to knit!! yummmm!

Karen S said...

wonderful scarf pattern... I have just the yarn in mind for it.... sigh, you have a beautiful collection of oh-so-wanted yarn... might pop in more often, just to punish myself ;-)

~Tonia~ said...

Both of them are very lovely. It shows that you have a good quality yarn.

Knitting B said...

Deb's yarn is a pleasure to knit with. :)

Anonymous said...

I was with Elisa when she started this project....absolutely beautiful. She finished this in no time at all and it shows her wonderful skills. love it.