Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Milestone Check

Today marks week five of my little effort to lose a bit of weight. I've been weighing in once weekly, each Wednesday morning, and this week was a weigh-in I was particularly anxious to reach. My initial goal was to lose 10 pounds and I knew there was a chance I would make it this week.

Yeeha! I did it! Ten pounds on the nose lost as of this morning. Woohoo!

Now that I've reached this goal, I'm ready to up the ante and go for at least 15 total, perhaps 18 (which would bring me back to my fighting weight that I've rarely seen since I was in my early 20's).

I have to give you all a big Thank You and virtual hug for your supportive words!

I just have to say one more time again: I feel so good! The combination of super healthy eating and exercise has spiked my energy level through the roof. It's truly amazing to me the change I've seen in only five weeks.

Now that I've lost a good portion of the weight, I'm much more focused on the fitness aspect. I've been using the free exercise videos on the "On Demand" section of my cable tv to workout. When I started, I kid you not . . . I felt as though I was going to keel over after limping my way through a 10 minute cardio routine. Now, I'm doing an hour of cardio and strength interval training each and every day, plus another 15 minutes of upper body strength work. Not all at once mind you. Usually two 30 minute cardio sessions a day, or sometimes three 20 minute sessions.

When I started this, I would have thought that it was not only impossible for me to physically handle that level of exercise but also that I simply didn't have the time. The thing is, with so much energy now, I have more available time each day. It doesn't take me a half hour to wake up and get going in the morning. I don't need to sit for a half hour break after lunch before getting a second wind. I don't konk out at 5 o'clock and slow down to a crawl for the evening. I just go, go, go from 6 in the morning until 9 or so at night, when I finally try to sit down for a while to relax a bit. Fitting the time in for exercise is no problem; I feel as though I've gained a couple of hours in each day!

Alrighty. Enough of my rambling, but I'll shout it one more time from the rooftop: I feel SOOOOO good!

Lest you think this focus on healthy eating and fitness has taken away from the yarn, I'll leave you with this:

And this:

These are the first tastes of cashmere in brand spankin' new colors that will be coming to my shop soon. There are more waiting in the wings, with the last couple drying now. Once I get all the photos and listings ready, we'll be off and running. I'll be sure to post here and send a note to folks on my mailing list when they're listed.

Great day to all!


Sheri said...

Oh, you are so good for my heart! Literally! I just can't seem to get motivated and the scale is trying so hard to keep creeping up and up. I'm going to break out my video's, try out the ones on the fit cable station and try to move just a little each day. I seemed to have hit a wall for some reason and just don't feel like moving at all!
Thanks for sharing, again, your wonderful success. Keep it up!
Sheri in GA
PS and I love the cashmere!

Brittany said...

That is so fantastic! It's amazing what a little exercise can do for your energy levels. Now I've got the urge to pop into the gym. Thanks. ;)

knitspot anne said...

congratulations; you are working very hard and deserve success!