Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy the U.S. is Not Japan Day

Last week, I fell in a hole. A trench actually. Two feet deep. I stepped backward while navigating with a wheelbarrow and stupidly forgot the trench that I'd warned my husband about a million times over the preceding days. SLAM!

Left foot went straight down. Right foot stayed planted on the ground two feet above. Body swayed backward. All weight slammed down hard on that left foot.


Yep, it hurt. It hurt a lot. It hurt enough to send me to the emergency room. It hurt enough to force me to agree to be wheeled into said e.r. It hurt enough that I passed out cold while sitting in said e.r. waiting room. (Tip: If you want faster service in an e.r., it helps to pass out.)

I'm fine. Really. It's OK. Nothing is broken. I just strained the tendons and muscles in my foot something fierce. My poor little foot -- usually so cute and delicate and happy and pink -- has been quite ugly and balloon-shaped and unhappy and green for the past six days.

It's getting better, but my oh my, am I a cranky girl! I just don't do well with the whole sedentary thing. It's been particularly frustrating because I've been on such a great course with the daily exercise routine, as well as the hard labor I've been doing together with my husband on the landscaping of our yard.

No exercise. No yardwork. No dyeing. No bowling. No housecleaning (yes, even that sounds like great fun right now!).

Mostly, I've been sitting on my rear, foot packed in ice, knitting in hand, eyes glued to the television.
And thus we come to the title of this post. Something I've likely never mentioned here before is that I'm a wee bit of a financial news junkie. Not a big one, particularly the last few years when the business has dominated my time and yarn has dominated my thoughts. With the forced downtime this past week, however, I returned to my old ways and found myself flipping between CNBC and Bloomberg all day.

And so I wish you all a very happy first ever "The U.S. is Not Japan Day." Today was dubbed with this title by Cramer of Mad Money on CNBC. I like Cramer quite a bit. His ... shall we say boisterousness, perhaps ... can be a bit grating, but he's a smart cookie and he's right, we're not Japan.

Go and eat some cake and celebrate this Cramer-dubbed holiday.

And do some knitting!


sprite said...

Oh, Deb! What a crappy, crappy week! I hope your recuperation comes to a quick, successful conclusion very soon!

Jeanne said...

So sorry to read about your foot trauma. Hope everything heals quickly!

Stasia said...

Oh, I'm SO sorry to hear of your mishap and pain! (I have always found arnica gel to help speed healing of soft tissue...)

Get well soon! (And in the meantime make everyone wait on you, and get lots of knitting time in!)

Jersey Shore Deb said...

Well, I feel for you. I am another Deb and I broke my big toe on Friday night! At first, I enjoyed a weekend of knitting and TV watching (for me, it was the NFL Draft with my son, a sports fanatic), but now I miss my daily two-mile run. Still knitting, though, and at least I can walk with my lovely orthopedic shoe. All in all, I'm glad it wasn't a hand/finger so I can knit!

Cindy said...

Oh, ouch! I'm glad nothing is broken, though I'm sure it feels that way. Last time I pulled a move like that, I landed on concrete and broke my ankle in three places. Definitely not fun.

Hope you're back on your feet (literally) soon!

Wenchzilla said...

I feel your pain! I sprained my foot the night before spring break my senior year in college and was stuck sitting on my couch all through break. I wasn't knitting then. Now, I would definitely get some serious knitting time in. Hope the time doesn't pass too slowly. Make hubby wait on you! :)