Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Long Time No Progress

It seems like ages since I've posted any of my own knitting or spinning! I suppose that's simply because I haven't had much time for any, but at long last I managed to knit a single sock:

This is the first in what will be a pair of Woodsmoke Socks (that is, if I can sit myself down long enough to start the second one!). When I originally mentioned my plan to knit a pair of socks with this yarn, I proclaimed the color quite ugly. You all disagreed with me, but in this photo you can really see the truth. It's just gross. In certain lighting and when feeling in particularly good spirits, it looks a bit olive green and not all that bad. Most of the time, however, it looks like this photo. I've fondly named it Sewer Sludge.

It's taken me forever, but I've also finally finished a little something on my spindle.

This is superwash merino and it's kind of a mess. I took off the training wheels of park & draft and drafted this as I spun. The first time I tried that, the results were better, but with superwash being so darned slippery I had a hard time controlling how much fiber I drafted through. The result is pretty inconsistent in thickness and also has some flat-out fuzzy messes. Ah well. It's part of the learning process and plying did help to even it out and hide the flaws at least a little bit.

I haven't decided what to do with this yet. There's about 175 yards of 2-ply, roughly sportweightish (probably will knit on a size 3 needle). I'm thinking fingerless mitts, mostly because those are what I seem to actually wear most of everything I knit. If I find it knits up into too much of an ugly mess, I might just whip up a pair of ankle socks that can be hidden away where nobody can see them.

That's about all the progress I've made on the knitting and spinning front. I've been itching to do some stranded colorwork soon, but right now it's dyeing, yardwork, and other such mundane things taking up my time.

Happy Knitting!


Lynn said...

You know I love your colors, but I have to agree about this one. From what I can see, your name for it is pretty apt.

Fairy Spun Fibers said...

Waitasec, SPIN?!? And you didn't ever say a word! And you don't sell your very own dyed Fearless FIBERS? That is SO not fair!

Okay - 'nuff teasing, but I visited your blog today to BEG you to start dyeing up spinning fibers (BFL & Dorset, please!) in the same colorways you offer in your yarn! You see, I saw your lovely old colorways that you'd brought out of mothballs (no pun intended!) and I got really nostalgic, wishing I could have those same colorways, only in roving instead of yarn! I've still got my yarn - but I want roving in those same colorways! And then I thought...I'm gonna go write Deb and beg! So here I iz...

It is SO hard to find beautiful veil-dyed roving or top. I often just want a one-color roving with the range of depth that you somehow manage, but not a wild jumble of colors all the time, KWIM? I would like some BFL, pretty please :-)

Proud to have been one of your first customers...

P.S. I do hope your poor ankle heals up quickly! I don't think I could stand to sit all day, either!