Thursday, November 02, 2006

Housekeeping, a Bit of Bragging, and a Small Dose of Eye Candy

I have a few housekeeping items to communicate today. “Housekeeping” in the business sense, that is.

First of all, I want to let you all know that my Etsy store will be down this weekend. This is due to a major upgrade on Etsy planned to begin late Friday evening and continue through the weekend with Etsy scheduled to be back up and running by Monday.

Etsy will receive a slightly revamped look and feel, but more importantly there will be some important enhancements to make the buying experience smoother. The upgrade is scheduled to be completed this weekend, but as with any major software overhaul, it’s possible that it will take longer than expected. I’m sure there will be a few glitches to work out as well in the coming weeks, despite a rigorous test schedule. Please be patient during this downtime. I’ll be back up and running on Etsy before you know it!

That brings me to the bragging portion of this post. I just can’t resist sharing a tidbit of news that really made my day yesterday. As of yesterday morning, Fearless Fibers made it onto the list of the Top 100 Sellers on Etsy! There are somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 sellers on Etsy, so it’s quite a significant milestone to make it onto this list. A huge THANK YOU to all of my customers for driving my small and still very new business to this small milestone of success and most of all, for making the journey getting there such a pleasurable one! Now the struggle begins to maintain my position there!

In other housekeeping news, I’ve mentioned briefly a couple of times in the past that I’ll be opening my own webstore before long. That is still in the works and will, I hope, be up and running before the end of the year. I have no plans of closing my other shops in the near future but will begin over time to slowly consolidate my business. There will be an announcement here when the shop is up and running.

I also want to provide you with an update on the 4-ply cashmere (sport to DK weight) that so many of you have expressed interest in. In time, this 4-ply cashmere will become a regular part of my inventory, but right now, with so many other things taking priority I am primarily offering the 4-ply cashmere by special order. If you’re interested in 4-ply cashmere, you can purchase it in any of the colorways that are currently available on my laceweight cashmere. Just send me an e-mail and let me know how many skeins you need and which colorway you want, and I’ll be happy to whip up a batch for you. Most special orders are accommodated within two weeks and often even as little as one week. The 4-ply cashmere comes in 2-ounce skeins, 200 yards each, $30 per skein.

My apologies for the heavy text and rather mundane content of this post. From time to time it’s necessary to step back from the fun of knit and yarn chit-chat to talk a bit of business. For those of you who have stuck with it and read this far, I’ll reward you with some eye candy … fiber eye candy that is, of course! Here are a couple of new Superwash Sock Yarn colorways added to my Etsy shop this week.

This one is a handpainted colorway called “October.” The October colorway has been part of my line on Superwash Merino Sportweight for some time, but this is the first time it has been available on the lightweight superwash sock yarn.

This next photo is a new tone-on-tone colorway: Raspberry. Delicious!

There are a few other new ones peppered throughout my Etsy shop as well, but I’ll leave it to you to discover those on your own if you’re interested.

Thanks for stopping by and plowing through the biz housekeeping talk today. I’m actually very excited about the Etsy upgrade this weekend. It will be more work for me, as I’ll have to spend some time revising my store once the new version is up and running, but it should make the shopping experience much better for all of you and that’s what matters!

Now go knit or crochet!


Lynne E. said...

Any plans for "In the Pink" sock yarn?

aija said...

Congratulations on the Etsy designation! You very much deserve it :)

MonicaPDX said...

Top 100 - way to go, Deb! Congratulations, and may many more customers get curious, check you out, and get lured into your, er, web. ;)

anne said...

LOVE those new colors deb—especially the raspberry.
and a HUGE congratulations on your etsy store making it big! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Awesome that you are a top 100 seller on That's where I first met you and it is great to see you make such a wonderful success of your yarns
Karen Austin