Friday, May 09, 2008

More Good Things Coming

I've been quiet on the blog front since Monday, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy! Today I have a sneak preview for you of good things coming.

Just around the corner, I have seven brand-spankin' new colorways on my FF Laceweight Merino coming!

The sneak preview above is called Majestic. And majestic it is, with dark and varied shades of royal purple and deepest almost-black charcoal, peppered with lighter touches of lilac purples and deep grays.

I'm targeting next Friday to release these new colorways, but that's not all. I also hope to have my new shawl pattern ready to go (scroll down to prior posts if you missed that) and I'm also planning a big sale on heavier weight yarns. With Spring in full swing, it's about time for me to pare down the heavier yarns more commonly used in Fall and Winter so that I have plenty of room on the shelves for new colors when the cold weather seasons approach. That means all of my yarns that are heavier than sportweight will be going on sale soon.

As I always do when there is hot news, I'll be sending an e-mail with info to let everyone on my mailing list know when the new colorways and sale are here. As mentioned, that will likely be next Friday (May 16th).

Hope everyone has a glorious weekend!


Micki said...

Ooh, pretty! Hooray for darker laceweight colors!

Vickie said...

A sale! Great news as I'm looking for a heavier weight yarn to make my dad a sweater. I am enjoying your sport weight merino so much, that I look forward to trying one of the heavier yarns as well.

anne said...

YUM! that's a beautiful colorway!