Monday, May 05, 2008

Mom and the Kids

This past Thursday was the end of the fourth quarter for my bowling league. This is our fourth year bowling and each year until now, our team has "won a quarter" (meaning that we were the a winning team for one quarter of the season and thus qualified to bowl in the finals for the league championship that year). This year, our fourth season, we had not yet won a quarter but went into the last week before the finals feeling hopeful. We were in second place, just two points behind the leaders.

Unfortunately, our dreams were dashed by a team called "Mom and the Kids." Ah, the pain of defeat.

What does this have to do with knitting? Not much really. It just occurred to me as I was trying to think of what to entitle today's Monday project feature post. The post today features three projects by Erica, one knit for herself and the other two knit for her two little ones. Mom and the Kids popped into my head. Yes, the heartbreak of bowling defeat is haunting and taunting me! I guess I'll have to be strong and try to let all the knitting goodness cheer my defeated soul ;)

First up are these Leprechaun socks that Erica knit with FF Sportweight Superwash Merino in a now-defunct colorway called Emerald. She used a 1X1 rib cuff and a slip-stitch/garter stitch edged heel flap.

Check out the cute little detail of a lace clover to go with the Leprechaun theme:

For her son (aka "Little Man"), Erica knit these darling mittens, also in FF Sportweight Superwash Merino. This is also an old colorway (handpainted) called Alaska:

Finally, for her daughter (aka "Little Miss"), Erica whipped up the cutest pair of leg warmers, also in FF Sportweight Superwash Merino:

What a well-outfitted little knitting family! You can see more of Erica's work - as well as pics of her adorable wee ones - on her blog, Dreams in Fiber or on Ravelry where she is dreamsinfiber.

Ahh. Now that's better. The pain of the bowling defeat is fading and being replaced by dreams in fiber, thanks to Erica!

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Lynne E. said...

Your Monday customer photos are always a treat--except that I often end up drooling over retired colorways. :-) Erica's little clover is totally charming!