Monday, January 28, 2008

Something Wonderfully Different

For this morning's customer project feature, I have something wonderfully different to share with you. Before you look, I must warn you that if you're anything like me, you may find yourself overcome with a yearning to take up weaving! Of course, this also happens to me when I see a great crochet project and am then overwhelmed with the urge to learn to crochet. And then there are the machine knit projects that get my fingers itching to dust off my knitting machine, despite the fact that the thing brings me close to tears every time I touch it. But enough of that. On to the project . . .

Elisa brings us this delightful woven scarf:

She used FF Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in the Deepest Forest colorway, with two strands used for the warp (long-wise threads) and one strand for the weft (side-to-side threads). Don't be too impressed that I know this terminology. I don't. I read it on Elisa's blog.

Elisa reports that the finished piece is very soft with a lovely drape. It certainly looks that way:

Here's one more shot where you can see the fringe and detail nicely:

Oh my. Weaving. Hmmmmm. Weaving. Oh Yeah! Ahem. No. Must resist the temptation! It is projects such as these that set me to thinking of how grand it would be to win the lottery. As much as I love my little business and would never stop dyeing yarn altogether, I have to admit that if I were to suddenly have some lottery-esque windfall, I would immediately set about finding the perfect home with ample studio space for me to set myself up to spend the remainder of my days not only knitting, but also learning to crochet, spin, weave, and machine knit. Until and unless that day comes, I'll have to be satisfied living vicariously through those of you who pursue these arts.

Everyone have a great start to the week! Please pardon my blogging silence last week. I actually did have a post up for a brief period, but I pulled it down pretty quickly. I'll explain that story soon when the time is right (teaser).


DragonsChest said...

Oh my great giddy aunt! That is gorgeous, and yes, it's inflaming my desire to learn how to weave. Loom weaving has always been interesting to me, but have I taken the time to learn? Nope. Now I might be pushed that direction.


anne said...

that's beautiful alright! i have a skein of that colorway . . must use it soon!

Rachel said...

Oh so beautiful! it really shows your gorgeous colour in a different way!

And the time did come :) and no, I am not psychic, I just happened to see it in my Google Reader while it was on. One of those weird things of those feeds you know!

Dodi Raz said...

Oh and it is an excellent post!
I am trying to make blogger show my identity, it is not cooperating with me, I am the Rachel from the post above.

donnac368 said...

Makes me want to go right out and buy a loom! Ebay...

katorg said...

So beautiful!

I guess I never thought about the raw material for weaving.

Well, I can knit and crochet and sew--but as for weaving and spinning and machine knitting, they will have to wait for another lifetime :)


tocspaw said...

Your laceweight alpaca is working out wonderfully as a warp for the scarf I'm weaving now - I'll send pictures when I've finished it!
Heather in AZ