Friday, October 19, 2007

One Down, Three to Go

At last, I have another finished project of my own to share with you. I've had four projects in progress for a while and have now finished the smallest and have three remaining. I know four projects sounds like a tiny number to many of you, but for me that's just too many. I need the satisfaction of finishing items to keep me going!

The finished project is a pair of Delicato Mitts by Anne Hanson of KnitSpot.

I used my FF Sportweight Cashmere for these, so they're wonderfully soft and comfy. They are a replacement gift for a friend, who lost the first pair I made for her.

It's not the best color to show off the pattern, particularly in photos, but here's a closeup to give you a little better look at the pattern detail.

Now I just need to stay focused and try to complete the Mohair/Wool stole I started a few weeks ago before casting on something new. My other two projects (zipper-front sweater and ripple stitch afghan) are larger and won't be finished in the very near future (although I am getting closer on the sweater!).

Of course, there are other projects in the works as well:

That's a portion of my demolished downstairs bathroom in my new house. We ripped everything out except the tub. Plumbing has been replaced now, walls have been removed to expand the bathroom into what used to be the laundry area, the washer and dryer have been relocated to the garage, and we are now ready to begin reconstructing.

And then there's the living room and two downstairs bedrooms, which looked a bit like this:

This room has changed a bit now ... The old popcorn ceilings are gone now, walls and ceilings have been retextured, and we're close to ready for painting.

And finally, there's this:

That's my husband, who has also been retextured and is ready for a coat of paint.

Everyone have a great weekend!


Jodi said...

Fabulous fingerless mitts! I'm planning to use some of your sock yarn (blue rain) for a pair for myself.

Looks like you two have been working hard! Have you decided on a paint color for your husband yet? tee hee

~Tonia~ said...

The mitts are beautiful.

Gotta love a man that is willing to get that dirty for you. ;)

DragonsChest said...

My hubby looked like that just a day or two ago -- we've finally finished our Downstairs Beautification Project. At least ours didn't require ripping drywall off. You'll be so thrilled when it's done!!

Love the mitts, I'd like to try something like that. Like you, I have too many UFOs and queued objects to start.

Lynne E. said...

OK, the lovely mitts (Antique Rose?) are photographed at your old place (the balcony is a giveaway). Will we see a photo of the outside of the new house anytime soon? I confess to being quite shameless about inspecting blog photos for interesting stuff in the backgrounds, so you need to be a bit careful! Great photo of your husband--maybe "Royalty" is the right paint color for him?