Monday, May 21, 2007

Ta Dah!

A little pleading was all it took to get a couple of finished project photos from you for this week's Monday feature. A big thank you to Gina and Micki for pulling through!

First up, we have Gina's Branching Out Scarf from Knitty made with FF Sportweight Cashmere in Endless Night. The colors are a bit off on my monitor, but you can still see the lovely work by Gina, which is what matters most of course. Gina knit this scarf as a gift for a friend and used just one skein of cashmere. What a fantastic present!

And a closer shot for more detail . . .

Great job, Gina!

Next up are these socks knit by Micki using FF Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in the Midnight Blue colorway.

Micki used the Garter Rib Socks pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. You can see the garter rib detail close in this photo:

Don't miss Micki's blog, chock full of knitting and yarn goodness!

Thank you again to Gina and Micki for coming through with photos and ensuring the Monday customer project feature lives on! Everyone keep the photos coming to me. I'd love to have a few in the queue for future weeks.

Wishing everyone another fantastic week!


DragonsChest said...

Beautiful works!!! I have found the Christmas present I want to knit for my friend from work: the Branching Out scarf. I'll treat myself (and her) to a skein of your cashmere, Deb, when the time comes to order.

~ Suzy

Anonymous said...

Lovely items! Might I point out that you would have photos in the queue if you published only one photo when you receive two at once? :D Look for something from me before too much longer, though . . .

Sulafaye said...

Mmm, great uses of some beautiful yarn!

Although I'm not opposed to occasional pools and flashes, it is amazing that these colors maintain such clarity and evenness! Looks great, and thanks for sharing.

~Tonia~ said...

Great projects. They are both so pretty.

Gina Black said...

How fun to see my project up!

I think what happened with the color is that I used the flash because I shot the pictures outside at twilight.

Right Out Load said...

Beautiful scarf. I am also working on the branching out pattern with Fearless Fibers Lace Weight Merino. I've completed 12 repeats and will send phots when it's done.

I'm tagging you - this means you must post 7 randoms facts about yourself in your blog, and then tag 7 other bloggers by leaving them a comment. It's appearantly spreading like wildfire all the kids are doing it.