Friday, May 04, 2007

Keep On Ripplin'

Before I dive into today's post, I want to thank all of you for your kind words and Get Well wishes after my post yesterday. I am absolutely fine. Still a little weak in the knees, but just about as good as new. No worries.

My little stint of illness did, however, set me back on both dyeing and knitting. I'll be hitting it hard in my dye workshop over the coming days to get back on course, but I may not have much time for knitting. That doesn't mean I have nothing to show you though!

Remember the ripple throw/afghan that I started a few weeks ago? I've made a bit of progress on that, so I can fill this gap in my knitting productivity with an update on that project. Here's the latest:

The stitch pattern definitely makes the fabric appear uneven and bubbly and bumpy, but a nice strong blocking will take care of that.
Through the use of my feet for anchors to stretch out the fabric, I attempted to get a photo to give you a better idea of how the stitch pattern will look when all is said and done:

This project will be a slow one, with a few rows knit here and there throughout the course of the spring and summer. It's for my husband, who's been pestering me . . . I mean politely asking me . . . for a small blanket to throw over his knees to keep him warm during his marathon sessions of winter TV watching. I held him at bay as long as I could with radical suggestions such as the idea that perhaps he might not wear shorts in November and thus not require a knee-warming blanket. But alas, I do love the wacky man and so I'm knitting him this throw.

I'll be getting another pair of socks going shortly, but I still haven't settled on what my next real project will be. Socks don't count, as one must almost always have socks going if one wishes to keep one's sanity. (That's far too many "ones" for a sentence!) The blanket doesn't really count either because that's a long-term project. And so, the time is upon me to begin another new project. Ahhh ... the thrill never wanes!

Everyone have a great weekend. Work hard, play hard, knit fearlessly!


~Tonia~ said...

Glad that you are doing better.

The blanket is beautiful. I am sure that he is going to love it when you are finished.

Amanda said...

i really like that afghan. it's not a combination that i would pick out myself, but i really like the way the colors compliment the pattern.

Micki said...

I'm so happy you're feeling better!

The throw is looking lovely. Men sure do love their blankies. I crocheted an afghan for my husband (then boyfriend) for our first Christmas together. It's always with him on the couch. Plus, he likes to wear it around the house like a Superman cape. Silly boy.

anne said...

oh cool, i've been hoping to see the ripple soon.looking good, looking good . . . .