Saturday, February 10, 2007

Spreading the Word

Instead of my usual knitting and yarn content, today I want to introduce you to an Etsy shop that's well worth a look. The shop is California Crafts. Now I know that all of you either knit or crochet yourselves and likely wouldn't normally have much interest in a shop that sells knit items, but this is a very special shop. Remember the wonderful machine-knit scarves by Sandy that I featured a few times on my blog? Come on kids . . . you cannot have forgotten the spectacular Elephant Sampler, for exampler!

Well, Sandy now has her own Etsy shop full of lovely scarves as well as a hat or two, ranging from simple and elegant right up through the famous Elephant Sampler! Even if you have enough knit items of your own to last a lifetime, this shop is definitely work a look just for the drool factor, or perhaps you might know someone who doesn't knit but would love this shop. If you know someone who might be interested and want to help spread the word, the direct URL is

Sandy's California Crafts shop is going to be my new standard Go To when I receive those inevitable requests from people I barely know to knit them something. You know the ones? Your friend's cousin who you met once and encounter in line at the movies. She comments on your lovely scarf and when you tell her you knit it yourself she responds with: "Oh! Can you knit one for me? I'll pay you for it." Flattering, yes, but there's no way you have the time or inclination to knit for a stranger. My new response will be to refer them to Sandy's shop!

Congrats and good luck to Sandy on the opening of her new shop!

Now I'm off to start another day of dyeing. My supply of the new laceweight merino yarn I added to my shop just two days ago is already almost gone, so I have lots of replenishing work to do. You may also have noticed that my selection of Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn is rather limited these days. Unfortunately, that's because the undyed yarn is on backorder right now and I'm running frightfully low on supply. The new yarn should be in any day now, so it won't be too long before stock is replenished and the usual sprinkling of new colorways returns.

Everyone have a fantastic weekend!


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Wow her things are lovely.

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