Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Faster, Faster . . . The Lights Are Turning Red!

Sometimes, I'm quite a dolt. But hey, I recognize it, so isn't that sort of like the concept that you can't be crazy if you're sane enough to wonder whether you're crazy?

Why am I dolt you ask? Here's an example for you. I've started working on another pair of Delicato Mitts from the fabulous KnitSpot pattern. I mentioned in last week's post about the mitts I already finished that I really wanted to make another pair using a slightly heavier yarn and size 2 needles as called for in the pattern, so that the beautiful details of the lace pattern would be more pronounced and visible.

The gorgeous handspun that I won as a prize in the Red Sweater KAL was just crying out to be turned into a pair of mitts. I knew going into it that I might not have enough yarn to complete the mitts. Normally, I wouldn't risk it, but the wonderful Anne of KnitSpot had actually mentioned to me when she sent the prize that there might not be enough for a pair of mitts and that she would be happy to send me a bit more if I needed it. (Yes, she's an angel!) But still, I really hoped to have enough yarn.

And so I began. The first mitt progressed quickly and I found myself beginning the second mitt within a day or so. I won't show you the first mitt yet, as that would be spoiling the punchline for when they're complete, but here's a photo of the second mitt-in-progress.

I just love it! I've never worked with handspun yarn before and I must say it's really a treat. The yarn is beautifully spun and yet still has those very subtle variations of thick and thin that add a bit of texture and a true "handmade" feel to the knit fabric. Yes, yes, my husband frowns and says that I'm knitting sloppily, but he just doesn't get it. The yarn is alive and full of character and it comes through in the knitted product. I'm not sure who the recipient of these mitts will be (they're normal size, so they won't fit my tiny hands properly), but I hope it's someone who can appreciate the life of the yarn and not just think, "Hmmm ... Deb's not a very good knitter."

As I progressed into the second mitt it became apparent that Anne was correct and I won't have enough yarn. It's not a big deal, as I will certainly take her up on her offer and humbly ask for a bit more. However, before I do that, I am first displaying my doltish-ness.

The more obvious it becomes that I won't have enough yarn, the faster I knit. I've done this before. Why do I do it? It's as though my subconscious believes that yarn is consumed at a fixed rate per hour and so if I can only knit quickly enough, I won't run out of yarn. Obviously, I'm not such a complete moron as to believe this . . . and yet, I continue to knit faster and faster as if I may be able to outrun the inevitable.

Of course, when it becomes absolutely undeniable that I will indeed run out of yarn, I suddenly slow down to a snail's pace, again thinking that maybe the yarn will somehow last. Perhaps it won't notice that I'm using it up if I just pull small quantities at a time from the diminishing ball? That's where I stand right now. Three quarters of a mitt to go and a tiny ball left. Maybe if I just knit one row at a time, it will hold out?

Perhaps I'm not the only one who does such ridiculous things. Please, someone out there tell me that I'm not the only dolt!


Micki said...

If you're a dolt, then so am I! What you described is pretty much what I do, although I've never been self-aware enough to realize it before now. :)

~Tonia~ said...

Never fear, you are not the only one. I even try the knit a little tighter technique - like that will work. LOL

The mitt is so pretty. The red is gorgeous!

Knitting Therapy said...

I do the same thing. Do you suppose it is the panic that gets us moving faster!!!

Stacey said...

I do the same thing - I always say I'm "racing my knitting" to the end....most of the time, I loose...sometimes though, I'm lucky and just make it!

Brenda the Knitter said...

Life in the Knit Lane. Surely make you lose your mind.

DebbieKnitter said...

*snort,snicker* awwww don't worry Deb, I'm right in there with ya LOL. I dunno why I do it, but man can I knit up a storm when in fear of running out LOL.

Dharma said...

Awesome lyric reference!!
I recently posted a photo of your yarn, the colours look totally fabu by the design is in hiding because it's a gift for a friend who read the blog.