Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Unanswerable Questions

How can I have what must be 100 sets of needles yet never have the size/length required for the project I have in mind?

How can I lose needles so frequently? Do they escape, like socks from a dryer? When I set my knitting bag down do they slowly make their way out of the bag, creeping along inch-worm style? Where do they go? Are they living a happy life, wild and carefree?

How can I – after a couple of decades of knitting – still get twenty stitches into the first row of a new project with a longtail cast-on before realizing that I’m knitting with the tail end of the yarn?

Why do I still periodically finish the cuff and leg of a sock and begin short row heel shaping before knitting the heel flap?

Why do I knit sweaters for my husband even though I know he wears T-shirts year round and is usually still too warm?

Why do I repeatedly insist on straying from a pattern I love only to follow a well-worn path to knitting despair?

Why is no amount of yarn ever enough?

Hmmm ………..


Anonymous said...

LOL You crack me up. Sadly I have wondered a few of them myself. Especially the MIA needles. Where do they go?

Stacey said...

All really good questions. Now, if we could only find the answers.....(I am so with you on the first one. The right needle is NEVER in my posession!)

DebbieKnitter said...

Ok ya'll....I only share this information with the very nearest of friends, and well, knitters are all in that list HAHA. The needles AND cable needles AND the needles I use to stitch together...they are all eaten by the same monster that eats only one sock!!! THERE, I said it.

Patricia said...

Some questions have no answers, grasshopper.

nicole said...

I do that long tail cast-on thing, too! I am happy to hear that I am not alone.

Anonymous said...

Hi there: i NEED TO EMAIL YOU PRIVATELY RE SOME YARN. I have been trying to order from etsy but they have not sent me a confiramtion email. And I want something before you have non left......HELP :)
Cathy Goldman

Anonymous said...

I don't lose needles they take long vacations and come home when I replace them! As for all the other comments oh yeah I do them all but then I am a delusional project knitter also. Question for all do you ever really knit the project in exactly the same yarn, I haven't yet. Merry Merry and Happy Happy karen

Dorothy said...

Well, if you ever find out the answers, would you please share? Every one of those has happened to me (except substitute knitting for 40 years and STILL occasionally start knitting with the tail end of the yarn) and my problem is I finish the heel flap and start the gussets without turning the heel.

Anonymous said...

It's my belief that the missing needles make their way to the Island of Misfit Needles. There they can live out their lives as mismatched sets, free from a knitting society that views such relationships as unequal.