Thursday, October 05, 2006

Not-So-Impressive Progress Updates

Before I begin my post for today let me forewarn you that the pictures in this post are absolutely terrible. It’s dark and gloomy outside and for some reason I also can’t seem to get a decent photo inside. Indoor photos with a flash are always a bit shaky on quality, but these are simply horrific. I would wait and take them again later if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been a terrible blogger lately and really want to get this post up right now. So, my apologies for the terrible photos!

Now on to today’s knitting talk …

It was all the way back on September 22nd that I expressed my embarrassment that I had not yet finished the raspberry-colored socks that only needed one final toe for completion. Now, here it is October 5th, and I am only now finally able to say that the socks are done. I don’t know why I let them sit so long, but at last, I found a few quiet minutes and finished them last night.

You may recall that I referred to these as the ugliest socks I’ve ever knit. Now that they’re done, I like them a bit better but they still are not much to behold. The colors are actually quite pretty (I know it doesn't look that way in this awful photo!), but there’s something about the plain ribbed pattern that leaves me yawning. I think all of my customers, along with the myriad of knitting bloggers out there, have spoiled me with your over-the-top fabulous socks!

This pair is the second in what I plan as a set of six for my mother for Christmas. After taking a month to complete the toe on this second pair, I have to wonder whether I will reach my lofty goal of six pair! I plan to go to my LYS’s Friday knit session this week (of course, I plan that every week but rarely make it!) and should be able to get another pair on the needles then.

In other knitting news, here’s a really impressive photo:

What the heck is that, you ask? It’s a sleeve, of course! This is the first sleeve of the six-color sweater I’ve been slowly working on. I have never had any piece curl quite so drastically! OK, I admit, I gave it a little extra help for the photo for dramatic effect, but truly, this thing is so curled that I’m having a really hard time deciding whether I got the proportions right or not.

A wise knitter would have stopped after completing this sleeve, blocked the body and sleeve, and seamed the sleeve in place to verify that the size and shape work. But I’m not a wise knitter. I’m wise enough to know that I should do this, but not wise enough to follow through. Instead, I set the pieces on the back of my knitting recliner and then ignored them for two weeks, after which time I decided to throw caution to the wind and just proceed with sleeve number two. This may turn out to be a fatal error, as I think there’s a strong possibility that the sleeve is too narrow. I think it will set into the armhole just fine (I have the stripes to give me a sense of comfort on that, knowing that they will line up and match the body of the sweater), but the width of the sleeve may well be around an inch narrower than it should be. It’s just too hard to know for sure when the damn thing is such a curled-up mess.

So why am proceeding with sleeve number two when I have these serious and well-founded doubts? It’s that Delusional Knitteritis flaring up again! It’s fine, I tell myself. Superwash Merino is slippery and has a tendency to stretch a bit with wash and wear, so a little narrowness on the sleeves should be fine. It’ll all work about in the end. (Delusional Knitteritis can be a powerful force!)

I also mentioned some time ago that I began working on a plain old seed-stitch scarf in Fearless Fibers Mohair/Wool, Blue Dreams colorway. Simple as can be. A little wider than is fashionable, but practical for warmth. A nice, easy quick-knit to set aside for a last-minute holiday gift. I haven’t picked up the scarf in a few weeks, but I will eventually finish this off and perhaps knit a hat to match. Here’s a closeup photo.

It’s about 3 feet long at the moment and progress – when I find the time to knit on it! – is quick, so it won’t take too much effort to finish it.

That’s about it for the knitting updates. As always, I’ve been dyeing like a madwoman! My husband has also been working hard to get the new Fearless Fibers webstore ready to go. I very much want to see that launched by the end of October, but I fear it will take longer than that. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s ready.

Thanks for stopping by. Now get back to your knitting (or crocheting) and get those finished project photos to me!


Lynne E. said...

Are the toes on the "ugly" socks a darker color? Or is that the fault of the bad photo? If the toes really are a different color, how did you accomplish that?

anne said...

i LOVE the striped sweater!! love love love! i never check my sizing either till it's too late—why live safe when you can live on the edge?