Friday, December 05, 2008

I'm Not the Only One with FO's

With the holiday last week, I took a break from blogging other than my usual Monday post. When I returned to it this week, I found myself scratching my head and wondering what to post. I haven't done much knitting this past week or so, although I did break my "one project at a time" rule and set aside my sweater-in-progress for a moment to crank out a quick hat. It's about the cutest little hat in the world, but for the life of me I can't get a decent photo of it.

You just can't see the stitch pattern in the pictures. Ah well. Trust me. It's very cute. I used my Alpaca/Wool Yarn for this, with the plan of sending it to my mother, but it turned out a bit smaller than I expected so I'll probably just keep it for myself. (My head is the size of a peanut.)

As I thought about what I my blog about this week, it suddenly occurred to me that I never showed off my husband's recent FO: the bathroom vanity he built for us.

Ta da!

I love this piece so much it hurts a little. The design worked out just as I hoped, with the recessed tower cabinets on each side serving as great storage space in lieu of a traditional medicine chest. For the mirror, we bought a simple beveled mirror that hangs free a few inches away from the wall. The wood piece above from which the mirror hangs is where the eventual light fixture will mount. (Right now, we have the old lights that were in the bathroom when we bought the house. Very ugly and cheap looking.)

I also love how the materials work together. The rectangular shape of the sink carries the feel of the right angles that you can see on the trim of the doors of the cabinet in the photo above.

My love for the faucet borders on the ridiculous. How can one feel such affection for a faucet? The lines of the faucet just appeal to me enormously and I love the brushed nickel finish. The faucet also works so nicely with the warm green of the marble tiled counter and coordinates splendidly with the narrow backsplash tiles. Both my husband and the salesperson at the tile store gave me odd looks when I chose those backsplash tiles to go with the marble counter tiles. They both thought it would perhaps have an overly busy look, but I trusted my instinct and insisted. Again, I love the result!

Bruce has earned many good-husband-points with me on this project! Now, if only I can get him to finish the base molding for the bathroom, do something about the ceiling fan, and finish building the new bathroom door, he'll really accumulate some points!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday last week!


Lynne E. said...

Heck, I love that faucet, too! The whole vanity area is beautiful, and I also like the marble with the "busy" backsplash.

backsplash tiles said...

I also love the design of your faucet! Perfect!