Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Yarn Mystery

While working on preparing new colorways on my DK to Worsted yarns for the Fall, I encountered a yarn mystery. Mixed in with my supply of undyed Mohair/Wool was another type of yarn that was unknown to me.

At a quick glance and without close inspection, it looks a bit like my DK Mohair/Wool. In fact, I dyed some of this mystery yarn in a batch of the Mohair/Wool without realizing it. When I pre-soaked the yarn and as I worked with it during the dyeing process, I thought that there were a few short skeins in the batch. I didn't think much of it, as it does happen from time to time, but it did seem odd that there were a few skeins in this batch that were short.

It wasn't until the yarn was dry that it become apparent that this was most definitely a completely different yarn.

It's lighter weight than the Mohair/Wool which runs at about 240 yards per 4-ounces. This yarn is probably around 280 or so. It seems that it definitely includes mohair, but my guess is that there is a good dose of silk in the blend. It's unbelievably soft and silky with a great sheen. It has the fuzz of mohair, but not so much as to be really fuzzy.

I couldn't stop petting it! Just touching it I can tell that it will have a fabulous drape when knit. It is truly a glorious yarn. Sigh. I am in love!

Look at this floppy factor (that's a technical term):

This is soft, luxurious, drapey, splendid yarn!

And so now I am on a mission to solve this yarn mystery. I started by going to the sample set from the supplier from which it came. I expected to find the answer there. But alas, no. This is most definitely not part of their extensive line.

I then called the supplier and told them about it. They, of course, apologized for the problem and offered to take it back and replace it. My response was basically: Over my dead body! You'd have to pry it from my cold dead fingers!

I described the yarn as best I could and then set out sending them a sample so that they can try to trace it back to the mill from which it came and find out what it is. I have no idea if they'll be able to figure it out or - even if they do - whether I'll be able to purchase some. But oh how I want some to add to my line!

In the meantime, I went through my supply of undyed yarn and found a couple of pounds of this mystery yarn mixed in. Oooooohhhh! What shall I do with it?! Dye it, for sure, but then what? I'd certainly like to offer even a very small, limited run to my customers, but I'm not sure it's reasonable to sell a mystery fiber content. Keeping it for myself is certainly tempting, but it would have to be for gifts. Sadly, I am allergic to mohair. I can dye it. I can even knit with it for short spans at a time. But if I wear it, I wheeze and sneeze horribly and end up gasping for air in short order.

Wish me luck in solving the mystery! I'll keep you posted :)


Elisa said...

Can I be totally greedy and say I Want That? And I don't care what the fiber content is. So beautiful and such lovely drape. Sure hope you can find the source so we can all have some.

Lynne E. said...

It looks lovely! I want some, too, as long as it's not dyed purple or chartreuse. :-)

Tess said...

Oh, Debbbbbb... you just happen to know someone who LURVES MOHAIR!!