Friday, August 10, 2007

So Little Time

When I sat down today for a new blog post, it hit me how very little time I've had for knitting recently! Although summer should be the "slow" time for me, I've been busy working on all sorts of things.

The addition of my husband's handcrafted Aromatic Cedar Sock Blockers to my shop took more time from me than I expected. Not only is there the photographing, listing, questions, etc. for me to handle, but he's full of talk about the challenges he's facing and I - of course - must take a great interest not only in my constant role of supportive wife but also to ensure his interest remains strong since everyone seems to really love this new product!

Once the design work was done, the biggest challenge with the blockers is actually getting the cedar. Little did we know when we completed the first batch that getting aromatic cedar boards wide enough for sock blockers is no easy task! Apparently, the trees don't grow all that large and so most boards are narrower than the sock blocker. We've already picked clean every wood supplier in our area and had many a conversation with those further away. Never fear though! This only means that we'll need to consider splicing boards together in the future. This is not a problem and no different than the construction you'll find in kitchen cabinets or other common wood products, but it does mean more time and effort invested in each pair. I think the initial flurry of sales of the blockers scared my poor husband a bit and he's wondering what he's gotten himself into. He must be crazy to try to meet the needs of a bunch of obsessed sock knitters! I've talked him down off the ledge now though, reminding him that he can produce whatever quantity he's comfortable with.

On the dyeing front, I have no photos of new yarn to share with you, but that's not because there is none! Between my frenzy of dyeing for the Seven Deadly Sins Sock Yarn Club and just keeping my shop stocked as always, I've managed to squeeze in some time to work on some new colorways that I'll be introducing in the Fall. No sneak previews though! You'll just have to wait for the big reveal in September.

All of this has left little time for knitting. When I've found a few minutes here and there, I've mostly just added a few rows to the ripple stitch afghan. Nothing new to see there though. Just longer and longer.

The only other thing I've knit are a few swatches of color combinations for the Tri-Color Slip Stitch Socks. Remember those from a week or two ago? Here's a new picture, after blocking on my very own pair of Bruce's blockers.

As promised, I'll be adding the pattern to my shop before long and will also have some kits with yarn and pattern. The swatching I've been doing is to decide upon the color combinations in addition to the one above that I'll use for the kits. I've decided on these two:

The one above is Inner Sanctum, Butterscotch, and Marrakesh. The one below is Royalty, Green Gray, and Raspberry.

I may add another, but for now, at least I have three solidified. The pattern and kits will be available before long. (Hey now! Don't rush me. Didn't I say I've been busy, working my little fingers to the bone for all you? Ha!)

Speaking of being busy, I better get back to it now. Everyone have a wonderful weekend!


Micki said...

You are a busy bee!

I love the color combos you chose for the new sock kits, especially the brown/green/orange one. Although I was born in the '70s, it's only recently that I've come to embrace that decade's color scheme. :)

Lynne E. said...

So glad you got your husband down off that ledge! My blockers came today, and they're gorgeous. So much so, I was wondering whether I needed another set . . . . :-) (Not right now, not right now!) The blockers also smell wonderful, and your instructions for using them are great.

~Tonia~ said...

Sit down and take a breather lady.

Love the color combos. May I suggest a red or blue combo if you add another?

baby face said...

I ordered some of your lace yarn
and I am very looking forward to
getting it. The sock blockers look
wonderful, but can't buy right now.
Looks like a future purchase. I am
also eying some sock yarn on your
Etsy website and looking forward
to your new sock pattern.

Chelsea said...

I really like the color combos and I also am really looking forward to the seven deadly sins yarns. I am so excited to see them! Good luck!

DragonsChest said...

I, too, am looking forward to the sock yarn pattern you've just come out with. I have left overs from socks I've knitted with your yarn, and now a way to use them up. I'll find a way to make the colors I have work together, and it's quite an exciting prospect.

Thanks Deb!!! ~Suzy