Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ding Dong the Demon's Dead

At long last, the summer top I've been making with the demon yarn is done! The yarn is an Anny Blatt cotton/viscose blend that I mixed together with a handpainted bamboo yarn. Once again I'll mention that there's nothing in the world wrong with this yarn and I mean no disrespect to the fabulous AB yarns! It has only been named the "demon yarn" because it tormented and tortured me by calling out to be knit and yet refusing to tell me what it wanted to be.

In the end I settled for a simple summer top that's really not particularly to my taste, but turned out not too badly when all was said and done.

The important thing is: It's Done! That means no more cries in the night coming from the storage bins: I'm here! Knit with me! No more prison breaks where the yarn escapes from its storage bin, makes it way downstairs and sits smugly in my favorite chair daring me to knit with it.

The finished piece is actually a little too large around the body, but the material has a nice drape so it's not such a bad fit. It's rather odd that it turned out large since I repeatedly removed it from the needles in the early stages, measuring it again and again because I was convinced it would be too small. I suppose it's just another demon trick!

In addition to quieting the demon cries in the night, the best part of finishing this project is that I am now free to focus on other things. I'm working on another sweater in an Anny Blatt yarn (merinos), but this is one I really love and want to knit.

I've finished the stretch of ribbing at the bottom and am ready to dive into the pattern stitch next.

Progress has also been made on my latest scarf, but since there's nothing much new to see there except more length I'll leave a picture for another day.

I must admit that I've been rather ignoring the ripple stitch afghan in favor of finishing the demon sweater and getting started on these new projects, but I'll get back to that soon. In fact, I'm enjoying knitting the zipper-front sweater so much that I need to keep the pace slow, savoring it like a good book.

That's all the news today. Thank you again to all of you who signed up for the Seven Deadly Sins Sock Club! If you missed out, just pop me an e-mail and ask to be added to my mailing list so that you'll be sure to have early news when the next sock club begins.

Great day to all!


~Tonia~ said...

The top turned out great. Glad that it eventually went well.

Love the new project. The color is great.

Micki said...

Great job on the demon top! I hope the ill feelings you had toward knitting it won't carry over when you wear it. :)

Lynne E. said...

The top is very pretty--the neckline in particular is nicely done! Who knows, it may turn out to be a favorite, even if the body is a little loose. Personally, I prefer a loose fit, so that doesn't seem like a defect at all.

anne said...

i think that top is adorable deb; too bad it doesn't fit! . . . did you consider that you might have lost some weight?