Thursday, July 26, 2007

Alive and Knitting

Yes folks, despite the fact that I have been a bit remiss on updating my blog as frequently as I would like these past couple of weeks, I am alive and well! I've even gotten some knitting done lately.

Remember the geometric lace scarf I started a few weeks ago? The knitting is now done and the scarf is blocking.

I really need to start blocking on a white sheet or large bath towel instead of two towels next to one another, each in a different color to boot. Doesn't make for the best blocking photos, that's for sure!

Here's another one with some close up detail:

Now that this scarf is just about done, I'm ready to start another small project soon, although I have no decision yet on what that will be.

In the meantime, I'm making slow but steady progress on the zipper-front sweater-jacket from the old Vogue Knitting magazine. I've moved from the bottom rib into the pattern stitch now:

Here's a super close-up so you can see the stitch pattern (which I love, by the way!). It uses a K2TOG where the stitches are left on the needle after knitting together and then a new stitch is formed by knitting again into the first of the two stitches that were knit together. This creates an interesting crossover stitch that's also thick and firm, which is perfect for a sweater jacket.

I have high hopes for this sweater, but only time will tell how it all turns out in the end.

The only other knitting related news today is my frequent mailbox checking. All the way back in June ... or was it even May? ... I ordered a couple of knitting books (on your recommendations!). Well, they still have not arrived! Some of you warned me about Amazon and recommended that I try Overstock next time. After this ridiculous waiting period I will definitely do that!

One of the books should arrive any day now, so that's something to look forward to. The other one, however, won't be here until late September to early October according to the most recent update from the wonderful folks over at Amazon. Sigh. Patience is a virtue or so they say.

Now it's time for me to pop off and get back to putting labels on ridiculous mountains of yarn that I haven't gotten to for a few days. They are beginning to get restless, anxious to have a chance of finding new homes. I must go label them and quiet them down!


Luise said...

Try writing to Amazon (it takes a little fiddling to find out where to write) and complain about the absurdity of the wait (and mention Overstock). Worked for me once. Good luck.

~Tonia~ said...

I would complain for sure. That is crazy to have to wait that long.

Love the stitch in the sweater. It looks so cool.

Elisa said...

Have you seen the book sale at KnitPicks? 40% off and they are faster at shipping than Amazon. Maybe you can cancel the Amazon order and get them elsewhere? I've never had a problem with Amazon (knock on wood) but sure have heard a lot of other people complaining about them lately.