Thursday, March 08, 2007

WooHoo! New Superwash Sock Yarn Colorways!

My exciting news for today is that I've added six brand-spanking-new Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn colorways to my Etsy shop! I have just four skeins of each colorway listed for starters. If you pop over to my shop and don't see any of these six colorways listed, it means that they've already sold, but never fear! I'll be whipping up more in the coming week.

The first - although new to my shop - will be familiar to some you who read my blog regularly. Remember the neverending lace shawl project I've been working on? You might recall that the colorway for that shawl was one that I dyed specifically for my own use and was not part of my Fearless Fibers line. Well, by popular demand, I've added it to the line.

It's called "Inner Sanctum." If you wonder why on earth it would be given such a name . . . well, I'll tell you why. It's just a little nod and a wink to those in the inner sanctum who read my blog. Nobody else will understand the name of the colorway, but you will!

There is a rich tone-on-tone purple called Royalty:

And a bright, lively blend of orange, tangerine and yellow called Vitamin C (no need to explain that name!):

Then, there's this delicious Butterscotch:

And how about a popping blend of tone-on-tone brilliant, rosy pinks?

Last is my absolute favorite of the bunch, called Venerable. It's a deep, dark, rich, subtle blend of royal purples and almost-black charcoal shades. In poor lighting, it might look like a solid dark charcoal, but with a hint of light the subtle variations of tone shine through.

Hmmm . . . perhaps the Venerable deserves a close up to give you a better look at the variations of tone:

In knitting news, I am ever so excited to report that at long last I have finished knitting the above-mentioned never-ending shawl in the now-named "Inner Sanctum" colorway!! I'll be blocking it when I find a moment in the next few days and will then have pictures to share. Oh Happy Day!

Everyone have a fabulous day!


Elisa said...

Argggggggggghhhhhhhhh. Must. Have. More. Yarn. To h*** with the budget!

Lynne E. said...

As Elisa said: Must. Have. More. Yarn. Cannot. Resist. New. Colorways.

~Tonia~ said...

Ooooooo how pretty they all are. How can you choose just one. Man you are brutal. =)

Nicole said...

Deb, those are absolutely gorgeous! What lovely additions to your colorways.

Suzy said...

Butterscotch -- so scrumptious. Must. have. Must.....not eat it, must knit.... *drool*

Katinka said...

The new colorways are absolutely stunning! Something about Inner Sanctum just makes my heart sing -- as a 70s baby, I just can't get enough of rusty oranges, olive greens, mustard yellows, chocolate get the picture. ;)

Scarves For All Reasons said...

Love venerable and although I am knitting from the horde instead of purchasing I am allowed sock yarn sock yarn sock yarn. Love the colors. karen

Elisa said...

Oh, yeah! Venerable is even better in person than in the photo. Thanks again for the quick shipping!