Monday, March 26, 2007

Behold the Bountiful Hypoteneuse!

For today's customer project, I have this lovely shawl knit by Lynne. The pattern is Hypoteneuse by KnitSpot. Lynne used my FF Alpaca/Wool DK Yarn in the Bountiful colorway.

Isn't is just smashing?! Wonderful job, Lynne!

Lynne did an extra repeat of the stitch pattern in each row for added width, as well two extra repeats for length, creating a generous size shawl to wrap oneself for warmth. She reports that the pattern was just hard enough to hold her interest while still being straightforward enough to knit with the company of the TV without having to pay constant attention to intricate pattern details. Sounds like a perfect project and Lynne's results certainly are lovely!

Before I sign off for today, two minor bits of business. First of all, my usual reminder (or shall we call it a plea?) to send me your project photos. I'm usually a week or two ahead on photos, but right now, I've got a clear slot for next Monday. It's been many months now with new customer project photos to share every Monday, so please help me to keep the ball rolling by sending me your photos!

The other minor bit of business I want to mention is that some of you may have noticed that the prices on some of my FF yarn crept up a little bit this weekend. This was a necessary adjustment as the prices on many of the base yarns I use have risen over the past few months. The increases on my yarns are not huge (in most cases around 10%), but I did want to mention it here and assure all of you that I remain committed to providing quality yarns priced for value. You won't be seeing any $28 per skein sock yarn in my shop anytime soon!

That's all for today. Tune in later this week for more knitting news and chit chat. Great week to all!


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to find your beautiful yarn is priced within my price range. I just recently found your online store, and as soon as I have room in my yarn budget I plan to indulge myself by buying Fearless Fibers Yarn. You could certainly charge $28 for your sock yarn and I am very appreciative that you don't. Thank you.
Punkin in Oregon

Micki said...

Beautiful shawl!

Frankly Deb, I think FF yarn is the best value in the hand dyed market. I'm amazed you manage to keep prices as low as you do. Amazed and appreciative! :)

aija said...

I'm loving your yarn as well... the royalty's *amazing*. With any luck, I'll have at least one stocking done in the coming week-- if you'll take semi-finished projects (one sock!) ;)

~Tonia~ said...

That is beautiful!!!

It is so nice to have yarn reasonably priced. It is hard for me to spend a butt load on sock yarn and such when you know it could be cheaper. Thanks for keeping your prices low.

Lynne E. said...

Fearless Fibers alpaca/wool yarn is great for a large project like this (the shawl is 6'8" long), because the alpaca fiber is so lightweight.

Your beautiful yarns are still a steal! At Stitches West, I saw a lot of handpainted yarn, but almost none of it tempted me the way that FF colorways invariably do.

Angela Marie Aragon-Henslee said...

I think your yarn is just beautiful. And to think that I live in the same city is really cool. I can hardly wait till I get my order here.

Suzy said...

Your yarns are gorgeous, and very reasonably priced. Can't really beat FF for value and scrumptiousness.

Krista McCurdy said...

I try to keep my prices down as well-- but I too have noticed that the prices have gone up around the various marketers- I think it's because of the shortage of wool right now. My prices will be going up slightly, too, but that's because I'm changing base yarns. I've never knit with your yarns, but I'm looking forward to at some point!