Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Where Has All the Pretty Cashmere Gone?

Some of you may have noticed that the laceweight cashmere has disappeared from my eBay store. Don’t despair! The cashmere has simply moved from my eBay store over to my Etsy store.

I moved the laceweight cashmere to Etsy for one simple reason: to save my customers money! Because of the ever-increasing eBay fees, I simply could not continue to offer my laceweight cashmere at such a low price on that venue. Rather than raising the price, I’ve instead decided to give the cashmere a new home in my Etsy store and see how that works out.

There are quite a few colorways of the laceweight cashmere currently available in my Etsy store, although quantities of each are limited. If you see something you like but there is not enough listed for the project you have in mind, please feel free to e-mail me and – assuming my supplies hold out until my next shipment arrives – I’ll whip a batch up for you in a jiffy.

You’ll also see two new colorways in the Fearless Fibers cashmere line: Sedona and Morocco. Here are a couple of pictures to get those juices flowing!

In addition to lots of dyeing, I’ve gotten a wee bit of knitting done over the past week. The multi-colored sweater is slowly progressing. When I get a bit further I’ll post a new picture, but right now it just looks the same as it did in the last photo, only a bit longer.

The rather plain and boring raspberry socks that will be part of the Christmas Sock Package for my mother are almost done. One toe to finish and ends to weave in and they’re ready to go.

I also began something amazing and innovative and so exciting that you won’t be able to contain yourself!!

OK. Not really.

In truth, I began a very simple scarf. I haven’t knit a scarf in ages and particularly not a super-simple scarf. I like to crank out a few items of this type at this time of year, so that as the holidays approach and I suddenly think of folks to whom I’d like to give a small but special gift, I have some things ready to go. I’m doing this scarf in plain old seed stitch (rudimentary but still, in my opinion, one of the prettiest stitches!). I’m using my Fearless Fibers DK mohair/wool in the Blue Dreams colorway and I love the way it’s knitting up! The colors blend together in a lovely, muted, dreamy haze. I usually gravitate toward strong colors, but I really like the look of these gentle colors. They have a slightly romantic, feminine feel to them, without being so “cutesy” as to cross the line into the territory of the insipid.

I’m only working on the scarf during hubby’s softball games, just as I only worked on the socks in that setting. He has a game tonight, so perhaps I’ll have enough progress to share a photo next time.

That’s about all the news that’s fit to print. I will resist the urge to ramble on for the next 30 minutes about how my time was hijacked over the past two days due to attempts to hook up our new Tool 'O The Devil, Tivo. Sigh.

Finally, if you’ve actually read through all the way to this point, you are now bound by my magical spell and will be compelled to leave a comment for me. (Yes, that’s right, I’m begging. I see my blog stats and I know you’re out there. You’re visiting. You’re staying sometimes for a fair bit of time. I get your e-mails, telling me that you saw “such and such” on my blog. Do not leave me here feeling unloved and unwanted, with few of you willing to say hello. Yes, it’s insane, but blog comments give me a wonderful little shiver of delight, a small sense of rise that keeps me whistling while I work.)

Now get back to your knitting!


loribird said...

Hi! Here's your gratuitous comment... I'll be heading over to your Etsy store to plan my payday spending spree... :)

anne said...

i love that sedona colorway—of course i didn't think to order any, but there is always next time!
thank you for not telling that most of the pretty cashmere went to my house.
debbie gave me a hank of the DK cashmere today (i gave her some handspun) and i love it. we both say "please don't stop having it!"

Jennifer said...

okay i'll bite-hello!

Elisa said...

"Now get back to your knitting!" *And crocheting!* My Exotic Wood cashmere is making an AMAZING shawl; I'm using Lily Chin's mock-Farose pattern. It's a 2-row repeat, mindless except at the beginning/end of each row, and I can take it anywhere. The colors in your cashmere are beyond beautiful. Can't wait to finish the shawl so I can wear it. But don't want to finish it because I'm enjoying it so much.

Not fair putting a picture of Sedona on your blog! Now I *have* to go shopping again. Darn.

AmysBabies said...



I love reading your blog. Sorry I don't post comments as often as I should. I will try to do better. Your yarn is beautiful, as always. The Sedona is so yummy!!

Stacey said...

Another comment to make you smile! I love that sedona colorway! So pretty!

Katura said...

I love reading your blog! I also spend hours mooning over your lovely sock yarn in all the colorways I can dream of. Your sock yarn is going to be my next gift to myself when my stash is under control and my money jar is full! It's soooo yummy!

Patricia said...

Hi Deb!
Hey, thanks for the pics from the FHKS last week. Next time we should shoot some projects!
OBTW, I love the sweater you're working on. How many colors is it? Any chance on you writing up a pattern or a stitch guide/chart?
Regarding the cashmere, any plans to include a worsted or DK weight cashmere? Please!? Inquiring minds want to know.

Krafty Kitten said...

Blog comments are always fun to get, aren't they? It entertains me when I have hard evidence that someone actually read my ramblings. ;) My knitting blogger is so new that I don't really have the comment-y community I was used to on Livejournal. I feel like I'm talking to myself. Not that I don't do that on occasion anyway. ;) LOL

I really like reading other knitters' blogs and listening, kntting podcasts and participating in message board communities like Craftster and Socknitters. It makes me feel a little more like a part of a knitting community. I don't get that here locally. It's an hour or more to an LYS (or even a mega-chain craft store) so I don't get to interact there and I don't now a single other active knitter in my area. So sad!

Anyway, lovely new colorways. I can't wait to get my paws on some of your yarn. I'll be finalizing that etsy special request order soon. :) Even though I'll still have three months until I get to play with it. At least I'll know it's already mine.

And you do indeed provide fabulous customer service and communication. Above and beyond, I must say. That plus fabulous yarn in fabulous colorways makes me want to buy it all! *starts plotting* ;)


Karyn said...

My first order from you arrived today; a half pound of your handpainted alpaca/wool yarn in the bountiful colorway. I love it! Now I just have to pick a project.

I do have plans for my second order though, which I placed the day after my first order. Not very good planning, I know, but I'm blaming my spending spree on Anne (at KnitSpot), if it weren't for her going on and on about your wonderful cashmere... OK, Anne AND my total lack of self control.

Thanks again!

Krafty Kitten said...

Your LTD ed. Voila colorway is so beautiful! Any chance at all of that LTD edition being extended?

barbp said...

Gratuitous comment - although I have left others LOL.

Happy knitting and dyeing this weekend

MonicaPDX said...

Hi Deb! After you mentioned your blog in your note re my latest purchase, I had to come read. It's great, and now safely in my bookmarks. And I know exactly what you mean re comments. I'm still wondering if more than a few people read mine, LOL. I'm not using a Live Journal layout that has tracking features, so I can only go by comments. Ahh, blog readers; we never write, we never call-- ::snicker::

Speaking of...if you want to see what I said re your yarns on first seeing your shop, drop by and read the 9/10 entry - way down. (I write long posts. Very long. No, longer. You think this is a long comment?!) Also some drooling in my post on the 15th, after I got my first order. And I'm definitely going to put up a permanent link to your Etsy store. I spent some time looking over 8 or 10 other handpainted yarn vendors my first trip to Etsy, and I think your color sense has 'em beat hollow. Must help spread the word. ;)

dgolden said...

I love your colors - I am knitting as fast as I can! Don't stop with the dyeing yet!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought that yarn was beautiful and then read that it is also CASHMERE! Wow!!!