Monday, September 18, 2006

Show and Tell Monday

Thanks to all for your comments to my last post. Since so many of you were so kind as to oblige my request for comments, perhaps some of you may help with another request?

I’ve been thinking that it might be fun to show a photo each week of a project someone has completed with a Fearless Fibers Yarn. Obviously, I’ll need your help to do this. If you’ve completed a project with Fearless Fibers Yarn and have access to a digital camera, please e-mail a photo to me of your project for inclusion in this new weekly feature.

If you’re a new knitter or just not very confident in your skills, please don’t let that stop you from participating! First names only will be used to identify the knitters, so there is nothing to fear. There will be no posse of enraged knitters arriving at your doorstep, wildly chastising you for irregular tension or a poor choice of stitches.

E-mail photos to me, along with any information you would like to include about the project. I’ll do my best to have a new photo listed every Monday.

For the first week’s project photo, we have this lovely pair of socks by Joan. These socks were knit with Fearless Fibers Merino Wool Sock Yarn in the Hudson colorway. To see the lovely detail of these socks, click on the photo below to view a larger version.

Per Joan, this pattern is “California Hikers” from the book Friendly Socks. There is a Knit-along for socks from this book as well. The book itself can be purchased from Sirius Knitting.

Great job, Joan! The socks turned out wonderfully. And thank you very much for sharing the photo!

Everyone have a great day … and don’t forget to send me your Fearless Fibers project photos.

Happy Knitting … and Crocheting!


lissa said...

When I make my felted bag from the kit you sent me I would be happy to send a photo.

Elisa said...

Happy Knitting … and Crocheting!

Thank you!! for including crochet.

loribird said...

I have some of your sock yarn awaiting the perfect project... It'll probably be later on in the winter, but I'll send you a picture when I get them done :)
Great idea, btw - I always like to see what other people have done with handpainted yarn.

Brenda the Knitter said...

I really like Joan's socks. Nice details on the ribbing. That colorway is really pretty too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fearless Fibers....posting is suppose to work for the beta blogger. I like your idea of sharing completed projects from your yarns. Quality stuff your yarns. Karen