Monday, August 07, 2006

Busy Work

I’m on a brief vacation right now, in SoCal for a family wedding and I thought I’d give my blog readers a little busy work while I’m away.

I recently watched a movie I haven’t seen in years – Foul Play with Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase. In the movie, there’s a scene where Goldie’s character comes home from work and sits down on her bed to do a bit of knitting. I always get a big kick out of seeing folks knitting in movies. I have no idea why it tickles me so much. It just does. In this movie, Goldie is knitting on very large needles, probably at least 19’s. She actually looks pretty comfortable with it and moves along at a good clip, leading me to believe that she probably has done some knitting her day. Later in the movie, she uses those gigantic needles as a weapon to fend off one of the bag guys. Go Goldie!

This got me to thinking of other movies where characters are seen knitting. I know I’ve seen a number of them, but I could only think of two others: America’s Sweethearts and Raising Helen.

In America’s Sweethearts, there’s a scene where Catherine Zeta-Jones and John Cusack are in the forefront, with Julia Roberts sitting off in the background knitting away. In Raising Helen (at least I think it was Raising Helen … my memory is a bit shot!), there’s a scene where Joan Cusack is knitting. If I recall correctly, there’s an exchange between her and her husband in which he pokes fun at her for knitting and she defends the practice by citing how many “celebrities” are knitting these days. If my memory serves me, later her husband jabs at her again with some comment about how any minute a celebrity may show up to do a bit of knitting with her.

Anyhow, I put the question to you: What movies can you recall where a character knits?

No reason that I’m asking, other than to share the fun of wracking one’s brains for obscure memories of something entirely inconsequential.

Have fun while I’m gone!


AmysBabies said...

Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets has an enchanted set of knitting needles working away in a comfy chair

Elaine said...

Here is a great website that tells what movies have knitters (and tv for that matter) -
One tv show - Grey's Anatomy - both Merideth and Izzy knit.


Elisa said...

Where abouts in SoCal are you? Lovely weather we're having - just in time for your visit. I started a shawl in your Moss wool/alpaca - beautiful fiber! Next up is the cashmere; had to find just the right pattern. So soft & such gorgeous colors.

barbp said...

Dante's Inferno with Spencer Tracy when Spencer Tracy's character meets Claire Trevor's character they show two cuts where she is briefly knitting.

Foul Play is one of my favorite movies.

PBnJ said...

I believe I saw someone knitting in the movie "The Village".