Saturday, July 22, 2006

Navajo it is! And Store News

Thank you all so much for the suggestions for a name for the new colorway from my last post. All of your suggestions were great! In fact, they've got me thinking of lots of possible new colorways.

For the new colorway I've decided to go with "Navajo," suggested by Stacey. As a small thank you, Stacey will receive a free skein of the new Navajo Merino Wool Sock Yarn. (No, this wasn't a naming "contest" ... I just seem to have some type of disease that causes me to wantonly give yarn away!)

Now on to some store news ...

First, I want to let you all know that I added a few of the new Superwash Merino Sock Yarn colorways to my eBay store. More of the new colorways are drying in my workshop and will be added soon. These yarns were previously only listed at auction, as I was testing the waters with this new addition to my product line. It's a hit and so I'm now building inventory and adding it to the "Buy It Now" items available in my eBay store.

I also want to let my blog readers know in advance that I will soon be raising my prices just a wee bit. I am still 100% dedicated to offering quality yarns at far more reasonable prices than one finds in a retail shop! The price increases will be very minimal, but are unfortunately necessary. I was overly-ambitious in my low pricing when I began Fearless Fibers about six months ago and have been contemplating a small price increase ever since. Now, eBay has raised their fees to sellers for the second time during this six month period that I've been selling and so I've finally made the decision that I must proceed with this small increase on some items. (Note that the price of the new superwash sock yarn will not change, nor will my pricing on cashmere.)

I will be taking a few days off in early August to attend a family wedding and when I return the price increases will take effect. I wanted to let all of my blog readers know about this in advance so that if you've been planning on any particular purchase you will have the choice to proceed before the price increases take effect. Again, I want to stress that the increases will be small and I absolutely intend to keep my pricing as attractive as possible over the longhaul.

Thank you all again for your great suggestions on the name for the new colorway.

Until next time ... Happy Knitting!


anne said...

oh deb, you should totally NOT worry about raising your prices! they are way cheap anyway, and i'm sure they still will be!! i don't see how you could do it for the prices you were charging.

Stacey said...

Thanks again Deb! Can't wait to see it.

I think you are still a lot more inexpensive than most other places even if you do raise your prices! You do great work - you should be compensated for it!