Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Contest Fun Continues … and More Bargains!

Thank you to all who have already submitted entries to the contest. There’s less than a week to go until the winner is announced, so if you haven’t submitted an entry yet, please join in the fun! Scroll down to the prior posting for information.

Many of you have e-mailed me with questions or comments about the shawl that is the subject of the contest. When I announce the winner on July 11th, I will also provide more information and answers to your questions about the shawl.

You may also recall that I informed you last week about several 99 cent starting price eBay auctions for Fearless Fibers yarns. Those auctions ended today. Several lucky bidders got a good price on quality yarn and I made some space on my crowded shelves by moving out some of the many orphan skeins that I have. It was such fun that I’m doing it again today. Three new 99 cent starting price auctions are now listed. Click on the photos below to go directly to the auctions.

Finally, a quick Knitting World Cup update: EEK!

I don’t know if I will make the July 9th finish date, which is why I say “eek!” But I’m certainly going to try and I won’t give up until the deadline has passed. I certainly won’t have the shawl blocked by then, but I would very much like to have finished the knitting and cast off by the deadline. I suppose I should stop calling it a shawl, as I fear I didn’t make it wide enough and it may be more of a shoulder wrap than a shawl! The darn thing will be finished one of these days and I’ll post a pic for you.

I’m anxious to finish the KWC project and move on to something new. I bought a pattern for a dress that I would like to make for a friend who has a toddler, but I fear that at the rate I’m knitting these days the child may be in college before the dress is ready! It’s a darling dress though and I am very tempted to get it on the sticks. You can find the pattern at
Knitspot in Anne’s pattern catalogue from a link toward the bottom right.

That’s about all for now. Knit on!

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BeccaU said...

Hi there - I came across your blog by way of the knittyboards. I've checked out your ebay auctions - you do have some beautiful colorways on there! If I hadn't just placed a yarn order I would cast a bid! I'll be watching them though!