Saturday, May 20, 2006

Standing in Front of a Mirror

Here it is … my first ever blog post! I’ll start by saying “hello” to anyone who happens to read this, if in fact anyone does. My name is Deb, I’m an avid knitter and own a small business selling my handpainted yarns (Fearless Fibers on eBay and Fearless Fibers on Etsy).

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for some time now, focused of course on yarn and knitting, but I’ve hesitated to do so as I wonder who on earth might be interested in reading what I have to say! The idea of blogging appeals to me, as I enjoy writing and also love nothing more than talking about knitting and yarn. And yet, something has held me back from starting a blog. I think perhaps it’s because blogging seems a bit like talking to oneself. I admit, I do talk to myself from time to time, but doing it in the form of a blog seems quite odd. Rather than a quick muttered word or two as I go about my daily business, blogging feels like a conscious decision to begin a conversation with myself. It’s as though I am pointedly stopping what I am doing, walking over to a mirror and beginning a lengthy conversation. Could it be that blogging will be my first step toward madness? Only time will tell.

I finally decided to begin this blog because I’ve been missing my local knitting community these days. Until several months ago, I spent just about every Wednesday evening at the knit-night at my favorite local yarn shop. I still go to knit-night from time to time, but since I started my own yarn business I just don’t feel comfortable at knit-night anymore. I know this is really just my own over-sensitivity to anything bordering on the unethical, but it just somehow feels wrong for me to talk to the gals at knit-night about my yarn business. Although my selection of handpainted yarns is miniscule compared to the amazing array of yarns carried in the shop that hosts knit-night, it still feels wrong to talk to the patrons of that shop about another source for yarn. And yet, I find it very difficult to avoid the subject. What do I say when folks ask what I’ve been doing? They all know that I walked away from a thriving corporate career not long ago and so the natural question is “So what are you doing now?” It leaves me with a choice between violating my sense of business ethics or sounding like the dullest person on the face of the earth since excluding talk of my business from my answer to that question leaves me basically saying that I do nothing but watch Law & Order and occasionally knit a pair of socks!

And so here I am, talking to myself in front of the mirror.

I haven’t been spending nearly as much time knitting as I would like these days, as most of my time is consumed by my business, but I did find time to complete a few small projects recently. Here is a pair of socks I just finished, using my own Fearless Fibers Merino Sock Yarn. This is the Desert Flower colorway. A very simple pair of socks, but fun and pretty nonetheless.

I’ve been on a sock-knitting kick lately. With so little time for knitting, socks are the perfect project … interesting enough to knit to hold my attention, yet small enough that I can still experience the wonderful sense of satisfaction of completing a project despite not having much time to knit. I’ve completed four or five pairs of socks in the past couple of months. Unfortunately, I can’t boast of much else completed in that time, but I have created lots of fun new colorways for my Fearless Fibers line. Here’s one of the new ones, bright and cheery for springtime. It’s called Peppermint Pink and it’s currently available on Merino Sock Yarn and laceweight cashmere. I’ve also done a small run of it on a lovely blend of merino and silk, which I’ll be posting in an eBay auction sometime in the next few days.

I suppose I should end this post now, as I fear I might ramble on endlessly if I allow myself to continue. If anyone happens to hear this small voice mumbling in the vast space of the internet, please feel free to leave a comment for me. Maybe knowing that someone is listening – at least with half an ear – will save me from the madness that I fear I glimpse looming behind me as I stand before the mirror talking to myself.

Happy Knitting!

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anne said...

hi deb! thanks for fixing the comments; well you already know mine, so i just wanted to let you know that it's working now