Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm a Terrible Blogger

I admit it. I am the worst blogger imaginable. I began this blog about a week ago and already it seems destined to go the same route as my childhood diaries, left sitting untouched first for days at a time, then weeks, and eventually forever. Fortunately, I’ve told very few people about this blog and have not yet joined a “ring,” and so I suppose it is alright that I have neglected to post much of anything so far.

One reason that I’ve avoided blogging over these past few days is that I’ve been suffering from a case of Knitter’s Block. I have quite a few projects in mind, but can’t seem to choose one. All sound okay. None sound intriguing.

Since it is not the desire to knit that I lack, but only the inspiration to spur me into action, I finally decided that I simply must begin knitting something … anything. My fingers were beginning to ache with longing. And I also knew that if I did not begin knitting again soon, my marriage could fall into peril. Like an addict with a fix long overdue, I am becoming increasingly difficult to live with!

I’ve been eyeing a skein of laceweight cashmere in my
Midnight Rendezvous colorway for a while and finally decided to just dive in and start something simple. Here’s a photo of the yarn.

I decided one can’t go wrong with a lace scarf. That turned out to be an incorrect assumption. I started several times with different stitch patterns, but just didn’t like the way anything looked. After more wasted time procrastinating and pondering, it became clear that I am simply not a fan of intricate lace. Don’t get me wrong – I admire the workmanship and do find some intricate lace knitting incredibly beautiful, but for me personally, it’s just not my style. Too “girly” perhaps. Or maybe too fancy. Whatever the reason, I just can’t imagine myself wearing a scarf with an intricate lace pattern.

After this epiphany I settled on a very simple herringbone lace rib for the scarf. It has a nice clean look, not too fussy or detailed, yet still qualifies as “lace” in my book. I’ve been plugging away at it in free moments for the last few days and have about 18 inches done so far. It will be a narrow scarf (always my preference) at about 4 ½ inches. The photo doesn’t show the detail particularly well, but you get the idea.

Unfortunately, now that I’ve started, I’m already getting bored with it. It’s just a simple two row repeat – very pretty, but very repetitive to knit.

Row 1: SL1, K1, *P1, K1, YFRN, P2TOG, K1, P1, K1* repeat from * until one stitch remains and purl the remaining stitch

Row 2: SL1, P1, *K2, YFRN, P2TOG, K2, P1* repeat from * until one stitch remains and purl the remaining stitch

Over and over and over again and again and again. Yawn.

I know that I need to begin another project or two to work simultaneously. I’m not entirely sure what that will be just yet, but this simple scarf is beginning to spark a glimmer of inspiration. Surfing lots of knitting blogs and sites has also helped get my juices flowing. I’m leaning toward a spring/summer sweater done entirely in laceweight cashmere. I never thought of this before because I just automatically shelve the thought of protein fibers for spring and summer wear, but as I knit this lace scarf and feel the wonderfully light, soft and fluid fabric created, I can definitely imagine a summer sweater. Perhaps a simple lace stitch on the bottom of the sweater with a stockinet bodice and short, slightly flouncy lace sleeves. Hmmm? That sounds awfully girly and a bit fancy as well. Maybe I don’t know myself as well I thought because it sounds like a fun project and something that I might actually wear.

I really should knit a gift for my mom, who I plan to visit sometime within the next few months, or a gift for my mother-in-law who I will see in August. But, hey, there’s plenty of time for that!

There. I have now rambled on long enough to qualify as a full-blown blog posting! Of course, once again, I fear I am saying nothing of interest to anyone but me. And yet again, maybe that’s alright since I highly doubt that anyone will read this.

Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps someone I don't know is out there listening, lurking in the digital wasteland, fingers poised on the Comments button about to submit a word of light to this solitary knitter. If you’re out there, tell me what you think. A lacy cashmere spring/summer sweater? How about color(s)? I plan to dye something special just for this project. I have a subtly varied emerald shade in mind. Or maybe …. Hmmmm …

I must return to my procrastinating now. Happy Knitting!


anne said...

you could change to a different pattern in your scarf—something to contrast with the small pattern, like a larger, single motif, or something wavy.

tha cashmere sweater sounds luxurious and beautiful; what an incredible gift!

Joelle said...

I don't have any suggestions as to what to knit -- I'm at a bit of impasse myself (am thinking about trying to get motivated to do a simple blanket for Katie before she is no longer a baby!), but the scarf is very has just enough lace to be interesting, but not too frilly. The yarn knits up so beautifully!