Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

No yarn news to share today, but thought I'd pop in and wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween weekend.

My husband and I are not "into" Halloween. We have no children but we do have a dog who goes a bit wild when strangers come to the door, so it's not the most pleasant of holidays for us. I also struggle with the whole idea of giving children mountains of candy.

My alternate-to-candy idea this year was to get some of the individually-wrapped prunes I've seen advertised on TV. Both my husband and my sister, however, squawked quite loudly about this. I was proclaimed a world-class "funsucker" by my sister and my husband was adamant in his belief that our house would be shrouded in toilet paper if we gave out prunes. (Although I must say the excess toilet paper might be rather appropriate for the whole prune-theme.)

I finally gave in to the complaints and opted out of giving prunes to the Trick or Treaters. I did, however, greatly enjoy spending the last few days trying to convince my sister that we and all of our friends should give out prunes. I told her repeatedly that I was trying to "start a movement." (I am easily amused. Prune puns are not beneath me.)

Today I found my alternative to prunes: Spiderman temporary tattoos! They are so cute. They come in little individual boxes with five per. I was quite pleased with my solution until I realized too late that Halloween falls on Sunday this week and that's my bowling night. I won't be home for the prime Halloween hours, which means I very likely bought far too many tattoos.

The neighbors should not be surprised if next week they see a middle-aged woman in the supermarket or at the gym sporting some Spiderman faux-ink.

Happy Halloween!


melcauble said...

I love this post! My husband and I are the same way. We don't have children and have a VERY loud rat terrier who overreacts to any small noise so the doorbell and knocking and even little voices disturb him. On Halloween, 4th of July and New Years, we try not to be at home. We've also recently lost a lot of weight so my husband's idea was to give out carrot sticks (then they wouldn't come back next year...:-). I like your prune idea b/c I love prunes and I think everyone else should know the joy of a good prune! Good luck on your Halloween plans!

Emily said...

I am not sure if you are familiar with Neil Gaiman--he is a fantastic author. His idea for this Halloween is to Give a Scary Book. Not necessarily hand them out at the door to all the kiddies (whoa expensive), but to take the opportunity of the holiday to celebrate books. The idea has really picked up a following and has its own website now called All Hallow's Read:

I will be sharing some spooky stories with my nieces and nephew this year. And maybe some tootsie rolls. Because I'm just that kind of aunt.

Connie said...

Love it! Like you, we, too, are childless and the GSD wasn't at all fond of the door bell ringing, but, now that she's deaf (she's a very old dear dog), it shouldn't be a problem.
Pass out the tatoos to your bowling buddies...that would be fun!

Micki said...

You crack me up!