Monday, August 16, 2010

Blue Monday

This is a new colorway not yet available but coming soon: Blue Monday. It's shown above in FF Laceweight Merino Wool Yarn.

I love the subtle shifts of color, which you can see undulating here in this sample swatch:

In addition to the Laceweight Merino, I'll also have Blue Monday available in Worsted Weight Mohair/Wool Yarn.

Blue Monday is not yet available in the FF shop. It will be added in a shop update in a few weeks. I'll be sharing more sneak previews of new colors here prior to that update.

Hope everyone is having a great day (not a blue Monday)!


Froggy said...

What beautiful blue shading! I can't wait to see the rest you have coming. Definitely not a blue Monday!

Gina said...

Lovely! only the yarn is blue today =)

KnitNana said...

I love the shading of blues...
Any chance of a fingering weight?

Vickie said...

This color is seriously gorgeous! I like the darker/bolder colors in laceweight.