Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Once Per Year

For the most part, I've given up on knitting for my husband. He used to wear the socks I knit for him, but over time the allure of handknit socks faded and he rarely seemed to wear them anymore. No point in knitting them if he won't wear them. I've knit him two sweaters, but he rarely wears those either. He's just not a sweater guy.

But hats. Hats he wears.

And so each year I knit him at least one new hat. I can count on him to either lose one or destroy one each year, so there is always room for a new one in the lineup.

This year's hat is Anne Hanson's Hot Waffles pattern. I knit him one of this pattern a couple of years back and it's his first go-to in the hat lineup, so I thought he'd like another.

I used FF Superwash Merino Wool Sportweight Yarn in the Metaphor colorway. The pattern calls for a heavier weight yarn, but it's an easy pattern to adjust with a few added repeats.

So darn cute that I've got to get another shot:

I couldn't resist. Much as Bruce likes his new hat, the pup is still much cuter!
Everyone have a great evening (or day or night as the case may be)!

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Gina said...

Nice hat. I think I'll go take a look for the pattern. Cute dog, too!