Monday, January 05, 2009

More Beautiful Things

It's Monday again. Time for more finished projects to show off!

First up are Leilana Socks knit by Angie using FF Lightweight Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in the Humility colorway.

Aren't they glorious with their winding, twisting details?!

Angie also knit this scarf using FF Mohair/Wool DK Yarn in the Astronomy colorway. The pattern is Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn.

This is handpainted colorway and if you step back and look at the photo you can see a criss-crossing X pattern created by the dark charcoal color repeats. It's fascinating the way that handpainted yarns play out in different patterns. A change of a couple of stitches in the row length or a slightly looser or tighter gauge and the effect would likely have been quite different.

A big Thank You to Angie for sharing her work! You can see more of Angie's work on Ravelry where she is kachelmeier.

Everyone have a wonderful start to another week!

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Lynne E. said...

Those socks are terrific!