Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Parade Continues

With my new focus on finishing one project at a time, I feel as though I'm accomplishing a lot more knitting than I have been for a while. I have another finished project to show to you today! It's a small one, but it still counts in my book.

With the weather turned decidedly to Fall, I decided it was about time to make myself another pair of fingerless mitts. I wear the ones I made for myself last year all the time. Seriously. ALL the time. I wear them to run errands, so that I don't have to fumble around pulling off gloves as I pop into the Post Office or supermarket. I wear them in my house, where it's always cold but I need my fingers free for the keyboard or what have you. I wear them when I head outside to check in with my husband who's always busy out in his woodshop (no heat there).

The pair I made last year are still going strong after tons of use and lots of washing, but it's nice to have at least one more color option, so I made these:

The yarn is a blend of merino and bamboo that I've been thinking for a long time about adding to my line. I just haven't had the time for it yet. These mitts will be a good test subject for heavy wear and washing. You can't see the detail well in the photo above, because the sheen of the bamboo obscures the detail a bit with the camera's flash. Here's an outdoor shot that's not as accurate for color and sheen, but where you can see the pattern better.

I used the same design as I did for the mitts I made last year. They are my "Cable & Twist Fingerless Mitts" (pattern is in my Etsy shop).

I'm still planning another sweater project soon, but haven't focused enough on making a pattern decision yet to start that. Hmmmm. What shall be next in this single-file parade of projects?

Hope everyone's having a great week and - for those in the U.S. - feeling a little lighter and more at ease now that the election is behind us!

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