Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Not Just Yarn Here

Since I don't want to bore you with another photo of my current WIP (the large wrap in the woven stitch pattern that is no different now than last time shown, except in size), I thought I'd show you that it's not just yarn that's made here at FF Central.

This is from our bathroom-in-progress. I couldn't get a shot of the entirety since the bathroom's not that large, but you get the idea. It's a floor to ceiling built-in linen closet that my husband put into the bathroom.

Then there's the new bathroom vanity that's underway.

We've got the sink and faucets ready to go, but we're waiting on granite tiles for the countertop. My husband is usually deadset against granite tiles because he doesn't like the look of how they need to be edged, but we found some that come with the edge already on them that look really nice and smooth and perfect. Unfortunately, the ones I fell in love with were on a long backorder so we had to go with a second choice. The tiles I wanted had a rough, natural stone look but I can't wait two months to get my sink back, so we had to go with a glossy granite. Ah well. It will still be pretty. We've got the sink and faucets already purchased, so we'll be ready to go once the tiles arrive and the countertop is in. (I'm desperately in love with the new faucets. Isn't that silly?)

The doors of the vanity still need to be made and there's also going to be a box of sorts that connects across the top of the two towers at the sides. The lighting will be within the box. There will be no medicine chest, but rather a mirror framed to match the vanity. We built the tower cabinets on the sides of the vanity to give tons of space for medicine-chest sort of things.

The vanity is also built with legs, rather than all the way to the floor, to give that "furniture" look to it. I thought this would be a good way to go to keep the vanity from appearing too heavy and dominant. I had that planned from the start for this bathroom, so when we tiled a year ago we carried the floor right through to the area that would be under the vanity.

You can see a bit of my tile job there :) The tiles in the shower are these same rough porcelain tiles in light sage. (Pardon the dirty floor. It's a construction zone after all.)

Bruce also built a new window frame and sill for the bathroom. Molding to match what will be the molding around the floor will also be added beneath the sill.

You would think with all of this plus what we already did on this room (expansion by three feet including moving plumbing, tile on floors and shower, replaced toilet, new drywall and paint) that we would be close to done. Not really, though. The vanity alone still has a lot of work with doors, lighting above, mirror, etc to be done, but then we also need to get a shower door (shower curtain looks awful in this room), molding needs to be created and installed, new vent fan is needed (big hole in the ceiling right now), and new light fixture in addition to the one above the vanity. We also need a new bathroom door. In fact, all of the interior doors will eventually be replaced. And yes, my wood-loving husband is making all of the doors himself. He's still working on a prototype, but they will basically be oak doors with recessed panels. I fear that everytime someone shuts a door, the whole house will shake! He's working on a strategy for that.

In addition to the bathroom, there's been a bit more work in the living room. This is an awful photo, with the flash doing weird things to the look of the finish ...

The finish is actually really pretty, but it looks awful in this photo. The wood is cherry and it's finished in two tones with the main finish in the usual cherry shade and the panels on the doors in a slightly honey shade. The unit is tucked into a space in the living room that's recessed under where the stairs go up. It was kind of a dead space before, so Bruce made it a home for the TV (that's Cash Cab he's watching :) with lots of extra storage.

And so you see, it's not just yarn that's made here at FF headquarters!

And as you can also see, I will be living in a construction zone for a long time to come. We haven't even touched the kitchen yet. All in good time.

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Lynne E. said...

It all looks fabulous, Deb! The only change I would make, would be to make the vanity flush with the floor so that I wouldn't have to clean under it! :-) Housecleaning is definitely not my forte.