Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Monday Again . . .

It's Monday again and you know what that means: project photo day!

Before I dive in, one quick note about the t-shirt I posted last time. I mentioned in my post that there was only one of these t-shirts currently in RedPaperRecord's shop and it was a Small. I popped over to the shop this morning and I see that there are now also a Medium and a Large listed in white, as well as an olive green knitting bag with the same motif. Just wanted to let you all know in case anyone is interested.

Now on to the projects! I have three to show you today, all by the prolific Suzy. First up is a pair of beaded cuff socks in FF Superwash Merino Wool Sock Yarn in the Sky & Clouds colorway.

Suzy used the Sour Apples Sock Pattern by Cherry Tree Hill to make these socks. The little greenish flecks you see in the picture above are actually beads. How cute is that? Here's a closer shot of the beaded cuffs.

Next up is Suzy's rendition of Knitty's popular Branching Out Scarf. She used FF Alpaca/Wool Yarn in the Navajo colorway for this. The colors in the photo are a bit off, but you can still see the lovely stitch work and pattern.

Finally, here's a pair of socks that Suzy knit with FF Alpaca/Wool Yarn in the Wisteria colorway. I might have shown these to you previously, but I'm too lazy to go back through my old posts to check and the socks are so cute that they're worth a look even if it's a repeat!

A big Thank You to Suzy for sharing her lovely work! All of these finished projects make me feel like a knitting-slacker. I need to get my sticks moving!

Please keep the project photos coming! Just e-mail your photos to me with any details you'd like to share.

Everyone have a fabulous start to your week!


~Tonia~ said...

Her projects are very lovely. They show off your yarn very well.

Lynne E. said...

"Wisteria" is one of your prettiest-ever colorways, and Suzy's socks show it off ever so well. I love the photograph of "Branching Out"! It's worth clicking the beaded socks closeup for a real closeup, too.

DragonsChest said...

Yay!!! I see that you listed your scarf pattern "Migration" on the site. Excellent!

And thank you all for the kind comments on my knitting -- with FF yarns it's hard to go wrong. ~Suzy